The Twelve Bodies of Man

Because the more etheric bodies that used to surround the physical body, have collapsed into the physical, and now form a unified field, they cannot be easily illustrated. They consist of the following:

1. The Physical Body (the lowest frequency)

2. The Etheric Body (more light-based)

3. The Emotional Body (more frequency-based)

4. The Mental Body

5. The Spiritual Emotional Body

6. The Spiritual Mental Body

7. The Spirit Body (no longer consisting of light-fibers)

8. The Life-force Center Body (no longer containing zero-point energy, but dense life-force)

9. The Awareness Body (a dense layer of awareness)

10. The Body of Purification (new-transmutes density)

11. The Greater Consciousness Body (connects to the ocean of consciousness)

12. The Self-perception body (the highest frequency)


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