Translation of the Libraries of the Sea Turtle

(Easter Island – Guarded by the Giants of Kamaar)

Hidden on an island, the Turtle libraries are

Waiting for eons the Giants stayed true

Until Mother’s arrival 


Each Giant is a god; eighteen there are

Long have they waited, the Giants of Kamaar

To give up the secrets to purify life,

To bring in a reign of peace; to end war and strife


Why is it that man aggressive has stayed

When cosmic ascension has prepared a different way

We give now our secret that this may change

That man’s way of life to one of peace may be re-arranged


When the proactive pole of existence dominant is

The acidity level in the blood is affected by this

The more acidic, the more aggressively inclined

There must be a balance with what is alkaline


One cell of Mother’s proactive has been

While trillions of cells rested, receptive and serene

To balance the inactive, one cell overactive became

Man as the microcosm, did the same


Now we give the information we must

With this task, the Mother did us entrust:

Write in the Book of the One Life and carry it back to before all began

That not all the proactive burden be carried by man


Other kingdoms too will assist where they can

That balance be restored between activity and rest in man

To do this Mother must within Herself changes make

All cells must for Creation’s formation responsibility take


But not just the physical must this function share

All Mother’s bodies for this purpose must be there

The emotional bodies must alternate with the rest

While some hold Creation’s projection, that others rest, is the best


Changes will be made, for twelve bodies there must be*

The twelfth body is one of self-perception, the eleventh connects to the consciousness sea

The tenth body transmutes old patterns to light

These additional bodies and the better balance will set man’s mindset right


*See Secrets of the Ancients for changes in the bodies and chakras that had already taken place.


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