Lahun and Braamish Chakras

The Mystical Secrets of the Forgotten Chakras

The Lahun Chakra

Depicted in ancient art and holy writings, a golden disc hovers above the heads of statues and on images of holy ones. This disc, approximately 10 inches in diameter for most, is the golden colored Lahun chakra. Whereas the Hara chakra in the navel area is amber and the third chakra is bright yellow, the Lahun chakra is a true luminous gold color.

The Lemurian word for ten is ëlahuní, meaning all in one and one in all. It is so named because during masteryís advanced stages, this lahun or tenth chakra enlarges until it forms a large sphere reaching from just above the knees to about 2 feet above the head. At that point, the one is in all other chakras and all are in the one.

But the true glory of the Lahun chakra becomes active when a later, most mystical union takes place: the union with the Braamish chakra.

The Braamish Chakra

The Braamish chakra is a beautiful silver color, usually about the same size as the other seven chakras. It is located about 2 inches below the perineum, or base of the spine. From the ancient libraries of the Butterfly, located in China, and opened for humanity by the Mother and Father of all life on February 2, 2008, comes more information:

From the 10th Scroll of the Blue Butterfly

Inik glaava hurin peles pirit nisklavaa huvek. Setvilisk paranut skelevitvi usvrabaa

When libraries are opened and holy ones again dwell on earth

When incorruptible white magic again is re-birthed

The secrets of the ages shall be released

And the holy Mother shall begin a reign of peaceî

Õn a golden cocoon the silver butterfly is birthed

Holding within its heart the holy libraries of earthî

The golden cocoon is the enlarged Lahun chakra and the ësilver butterflyí holding the secrets of the holy libraries in its heart is the Braamish chakra (Brahmin is derived from this term meaning ëearth-wisdomí in the Naga language, spoken in the mystery schools and temples of Lumeria. The word ënagualí means one who is officiated as a holy teacher). The preceding lines imply that some sort of birth takes place when the Lahun chakra enlarges enough to incorporate the silver Braamish one. The scroll continues in a later passage as follows:

When the gold threads and the silver in a tapestry unite

When the flame of white magic through the two ignite

The birthright of man will be restored

On earth, and more, a time of hope is born!

The Merging of the Gold and Silver Chakras

When the golden sphere of the Lahun chakra enlarges enough to incorporate the Braamish chakra, it is immediately sucked into the navel area, leaving its position at the base of the spine. Once there, it explodes into the golden orb of the enlarged Lahun chakra, forming a unified field. This merging (later in the scroll called the ëmerging of heaven and earthí) brings about two enormous benefits.

1.) The ancient libraries of wisdom become accessible. This means the accumulated wisdom of the ages is at our disposal if we take the time to listen within.

2.) The flame of white magic ignites. The depiction of the disc above the head in ancient murals often shows a cleft flame on either side of the disc. This is the awakened fire of the kundalini that causes a flame on top of the head. This is described in the New Testament as when the saints experienced the Pentacost. The power to do beneficial magic is directly proportional to how far up the spine the energy ñ also called the cold fire ñ can freely travel. This explosive merging clears blockages in the pranic tube and spinal column.

This mystical marriage and resulting alchemical reaction can be available to everyone. It is the culmination of deep self-exploration and the gaining of insights from experience. This removes blockages from the centers of the chakras until, at the apex of human experience, the sacred gifts of the Lahun and Braamish chakras await.


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