Shortness of Breath

Q. I have been suffering from shortness of breath now for 18 months. It started out of the blue, one summer day when I woke up. I have had every possible test to find out what is causing this problem. It has completely changed my disposition and nothing seems to help improve it.  Please help, I am feeling desperate.

A. A skilled chiropractor that can adjust your ribs and/or diaphragm may alleviate the situation – you don’t say whether or not you have tried chiropractic treatment.  Muscles between the ribs and the diaphragm can spasm, causing involuntary muscle contraction. This results in stiffness in the muscles between the ribs and can cause a sensation of shortness of breath.

Another common cause is an acute or chronic neck problem, which causes a pull on the long muscles joining the neck and ribs – resulting in the same situation as above. NUCCA chiropractors specialize in the adjustment of the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis) and you may wish to read our post Head and Neck Pain of February 5, 2014 on this website for more details.

Psy-stabil, a Pekana remedy may decrease the anxiety and tension associated with your symptoms. I can be ordered through our Spiritual Journeys office (1-877-552-5646, toll-free in US).

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