Rejuvenation Secrets

Regeneration versus Destructuring

It is imperative that regeneration inside the body takes place faster than the degeneration or destructuring. Although cells destructure, they are also constantly renewing. If the one outweighs the other, it determines whether we are going into a decline or whether we maintain youthfulness and in fact, rejuvenate.

Scientists have studied a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. While in its cocoon, it goes through a stage where there is what scientist’s call ‘a wave of determination’. This is a little electrical impulse that occurs in the middle of the caterpillar’s brain, which sets in motion the release of an endocrine excretion that starts to metamorphose the caterpillar into an exquisite butterfly that can take flight and exist in a completely different dimension or reality to the caterpillar.

So it is with man. Scientists have found that in the pineal gland, there is a cell that they call the ‘life cell’. They have discovered that this cell is particularly active in those that live for a very long time and have extremely healthy and active lives. The scientists have found that in this particular group of people the activity of the ‘life cell’ is heightened and that a different hormone is excreted. When we go into immortality, there is another hormone excreted.

However it takes that wave of determination; you have to define yourself by what you are becoming. Do not allow the words of others to program this out of you. Do not give credence to them.

(Excerpt from Almine’s book Secrets of Rejuvenation.)

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