Mission Statement of Handbook for Healers Site

A dedicated forum for sharing the priceless information received by the world-renowned Seer Almine, founder of the highly acclaimed healing modality: Belvaspata.

This site is designed to support spiritual healers and all those interested in a healthful way of life for themselves and their families. “The revelations received by the Seer Almine are nothing short of amazing. Not since Edgar Cayce has such a treasure trove of practical knowledge been released…”

Jan Alvey, R.N., LMT
Dean of the Academy of Belvaspata

The views of this forum are personal to the author, Almine, and they do not intend to diagnose or constitute medical advice or treatment. All healing takes place within self. All persons with a medical condition are advised to consult a medical practitioner or other health care professional if deemed necessary or advisable by them, for their specific situations.

Spiritual Journeys, LLC, Almine and/or any other contributing authors, expressly disclaim any liability for loss, damage or injury in connection with the information on this site or as referenced from Almineā€™s books. Almine is not a medical practitioner, nor does she practice medicine.

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