Manifesting Health

lifeofmiracles_largeAn excerpt from the books, Handbook for Healers and d A Life of Miracles) by Almine.

What we Resist Persists

Attention feeds energy, so we empower that which we focus on and we attract that which we fear. These are some of the hidden laws of the universe.

Some are laboring diligently to change the world in an attempt to correct what they think is wrong. The error in that reasoning is that we strengthen that which we oppose. The more we focus on a problem, the more we empower it. For example, when the media sensationalizes a situation, it promotes more of the same. Even though it is presented as opposition, they are still strengthening it because they are giving it energy. The same is true if we continually focus on a disease – we magnify it. In addition, the negative thoughts weaken our auric field and we become susceptible to other harmful things. If we don’t feed something, however, it grows weaker and weaker.

When we attempt to right a wrong, it divides because we have placed a judgment on it as not being in alignment with the divine will. This is separative thinking. However, if we acknowledge the wholeness of a circumstance or a person, it will uplift and heal. This is inclusive thinking. We cannot return to Source as long as we exclude anything.

This doesn’t mean we condone unworthy acts, but recognize instead, the innocence of all roles being acted out for our benefit. This helps us see that only light exists and we can drop the belief that there are places where the Infinite is not. It is in recognizing the dark as part of ourselves that we can embrace it within our hearts, and as we find ourselves returning to the oneness of the heart of Source, we take those that represent the dark with us.


Be aware of what food* you consume since it serves the purpose, through taste, of inspiring into being the full expression of the Indivisible and Eternal that you are.

*Food can also refer to our thoughts, feelings, environment, home, work, etc – that which we surround and fill ourselves with.

3 thoughts on “Manifesting Health

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    1. Jan Post author

      Dear Diane,
      I appreciate this piece of writing by Almine so much, and it is a powerful example of one gem, among the many that she has shared. It’s a potent re-minder that there are all kinds of labels and roles we play of ‘dark, light, god consciousness, god being, ascended master, initiate, master’, etc. It seems to come down to, accepting responsibility for our actions every step of the way and realizing that our thoughts and our actions create our reality – what we focus on, we create and perceive as our ‘reality’.

  2. Diane

    Much obligued, Jan, for your post What We Resists Persists.” I have heard this same message for many years, but it is always wonderful to hear it again and again. We are powerful and vast beings and with the right tools and understandings we can steer clear of the undesirable places to which misguided belief systems lead us. Self-sovereignty over victimhood. 🙂


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