Health Tips for Enhancing Athletic Performance

Q. I am very serious about building up my body as an athlete. Are there any recommendations for doing this?

A. Lactic Plus – a  Pekana product available in the US through our office (1-800-552-5646) enhances performance on all levels by delivering 300% more oxygen to the energy-producing organelle inside the cells. Oxygenated cells are a very primary element in athletic performance.


  • 25 drops x3 per day if under 170 pounds
  • 30 drops x3 per day if over 170 pounds
  •  Keep remedies away from metal containers or utensils, use only plastic containers for dosing
  • Take remedies ½ hour away from meals (before or after)

Secondly, pushing athletic boundaries can produce excessive uric acid in the system, creating muscle pain.   Always have a bottle of A-C Carbamide on hand (this product is available from Standard Pharmacies. It must be recommended for you by a health-care professional, and can then be purchased from Health Haven Vitamins, Newport, Oregon.)

Regulating blood sugar is an additional important part of making sure you have enough energy at all times of the day.


  • Eat multiple, small, high-protein meals during the day. Protein should specifically be eaten within 10 minutes of awakening.
  •  After exercising, it is very important to replace trace minerals and electrolytes.

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