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Q. Over the years, I’ve experienced hair loss that no one seems to be able to help with – is there any hope for this situation?

A. Hair loss is usually the end result of a series of systems in the body that become dysfunctional. First of all, you mention that you use thyroid medication. This alone can be responsible for hair loss if the medication is incorrect or the dosage has not been properly tested and adjusted ongoing.  Heavy metal toxicity is also one of the key ingredients in causing hair to fall out. Radiation accumulation in the body (for instance, when children are allowed to sit too close to the television for hours a day), can also cause this to happen.

When fatty waste products such as hormones, birth control pills, steroids and your own imbalanced hormones build up in the body, it burdens the excretionary pathways such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, etc.  It is well known that excessive estrogen in a woman’s body thins the hair as well as all the other possible causes. The proper lymph flow is very important for healthy hair growth. Stress can be another factor in that it produces the stress hormone cortisol. This causes imbalance in the thyroid and the endocrine system and the whole system becomes imbalanced. The question then becomes how to set right these dominoes that have fallen over. Some of this depends on your ability to financially invest in aggressive treatment to assist in turning this condition around.

1. I can heartily recommend the Nevada Clinic (Las Vegas, Nevada) for a 2-3 day treatment. The rough estimate for an initial evaluation and treatment course with Dr. Olsen in this clinic is approximately $2,000.00. A few good, inexpensive hotels exist close by (the clinic will provide this information to you, our office can be contacted).  They thoroughly test the levels of heavy metals in the body through a 6-hour urine test and assist with recommending a program for their excretion. All systems of the body are thoroughly tested, including the interaction of the different organs as well as the functionality of the endocrine system. I feel very comfortable that any thyroid medication prescribed by Dr. Olsen  is going to be of the highest caliber and holistically planned as part of a comprehensive treatment program.  Allergies can also place the body under tremendous stress. An allergist is on staff to test and prepare serums to remove stressors from the body.

2. The 5- Month program for detoxification of the body as featured in the book,  How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, is designed to support the body where one system after another has fallen over and very firmly set it on the path to recovery. See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here.

Radinex can be added to this program in the 4th month when all the excretionary pathways are fully functional again. In Almine’s words, “If you are diligent with this program, after 2 months you will see tremendous improvement in your health, sleeping habits, state of well-being, etc. It is however, recommended that the full 5-month program be followed so that these conditions do not easily return.”

3. There is a $300 dollar product available that is a laser specifically designed to promote hair growth when it is used just minutes a day. I wish to point out that shampoos with chemicals, including sulfates, actually have components that cause hair loss. Using shampoos from the health food section and carefully checking labels is possibly the best.

If were to find myself in the position that you are in with long-term, gradual hair loss, I would do what I could to pursue the recommendations we have given here. The most comprehensive approach would be to incorporate all 3 of the above protocols.

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