Guidance for Beginning Healers

As our journey of exploring the intricate art of energy healing and our responsibilities as healers begins, you are urged to remember that the more you grow, the more you will gain from this information. You may, therefore, wish to return to it periodically and re-read portions of it that new layers may reveal themselves to you.

Whether the techniques have a mild or profound effect on those who come to you for assistance will depend largely on how well you have internalized the qualities given in the Belvaspata section. Do not heal for the sake of results, so that you can remain unencumbered by the weight of self-reflection. However, you will become more and more aware of how healing frequencies respond to you. This, like the acquisition of any other skill, will grow with practice. The techniques provided give you something to practice with. The illusion of disease comes in an instant and so can healing, but knowing what to heal and asking the right questions in giving your client guidance is a product of humility; an openness to receiving information and of practice.

It is recommended that beginning healers form free healing circles as their time is available (evenings and weekends, perhaps) to develop the skill levels necessary for working with clients. Recognition of the divinity of those who come for assistance, as well as a deep and abiding compassion, can make even a first-timer highly effective. Always be sure you are not in a state of emotional duress and that you have had sufficient food and water. Take time to establish a sacred space and to cleanse it after each client. The work you are doing is holy in that it removes the filters that block the passage of light. Treat your healing room as worship space. Make sure that when your client leaves, they do not encounter disruptive or hostile emotions from others in the building, since they will be wide open and highly sensitive.

We urge healers to study and abide by the laws of the state in which they reside. In many states it is illegal to say, “I heal” and healers have to call themselves healing facilitators. In others it is illegal to touch another person unless you are licensed to do so. A minister’s license will enable you to do so legally. They are easy to obtain and can be kept current at little cost. Even though there are homeopathics strong enough to heal disease, it may be necessary to represent them as facilitating healing or as nutritional aids.

Dealing with these sacred healing modalities where the veils between realities become thin and the past and present merge with the future, takes great courage. With impeccability as your shield and in a place of balance that has shed the need to impress, your steps will be guided so you may stride forward unafraid to reveal the perfection that dwells in all beings.

Seeing the divinity within ourselves enables us to see it in another. To approach our fellow man as less than divine is to deny the Source of his being. He is an arrow sent forth from the hand of the Infinite, straight and true upon its course. The ancient Norsemen shot flaming arrows into mist to guide their boats safely into the unknown. In the same way we have been sent like flaming arrows to explore the mysteries of the Infinite’s Being. All flaming arrows are of equal value to the navigator; some tell him where it is clear to go and others showing where it is not. In the same way within the mystery of the Infinite’s Being, all are equal. There is much value in mirroring to the Infinite, through the experience of a life, that which It is not so It might fully understand that which It is.

Exerting influence on the life of another is a sacred, awesome responsibility. When our fellow man approaches us to ask for help, remember his true identity as a being as vast as the cosmos having a human experience and approach him with humility and impeccability. For in helping birth him into an awareness of the infinite possibilities that lie sleeping within his soul, we are helping him find the diamonds of divinity lying hidden in the dust of illusion.

There is great value in opposition and, hidden within the shadows of density, lies the impetus to set us free from mortal boundaries. Without friction, no creature can walk upon the Earth. Nature has designed the opposition that any fetus must overcome to earn the right to life. In truth, opposition strengthens and, in a similar manner, we strengthen density when we oppose it. We strengthen the shortcomings we suppress and the illness we combat. Challenge yields perception and perception yields power. If we pull the chicken prematurely from the egg, it dies. If we remove a sufferer’s pain without assisting him to receive its insights, a great dawn of illumination might die stillborn.

Throughout the cosmos the Infinite has gained in luminosity and power, not by denying the unsolved mystery of ‘The Dark’ within Its Being, but by including it within the light so it might yield its insights. The greatest service we can render as the One expressing as the many is to remember who we are, for in this memory all is included. The greatest hardships hold within their overcomings the greatest miracles.

As wielders of power, our balance is maintained through constantly remembering that the insights gained in all of life’s journeys are of equal value in enriching the One. The vast majority of Creation falls within the realm of that which, from our vantage point, is unknowable. This eliminates the temptation to yield to the compulsion of the left brain to reduce the infinite to the finite. It stifles the incessant need to know and sets us free from attachment to outcome.

To sow in order to reap gives only the harvest as reward. But to sow like a pilgrim traveling through the land, scattering seeds along the way with no thought of benefit from their eventual fruition, is to become an instrument in the hand of the Infinite. We sow, not to reap the benefit, but because the seeds are in our hands and our passage blesses all creatures. As we bless others with the seeds of healing, let us remain unencumbered by self-reflection and unfettered by self-importance. Do not focus on the results of your healing; it is life giving unto life. You are the blessed flute upon which the Infinite plays divine melody. Be assured that, in as much as the soil of the soul is responsive, the seed will grow even if the fruit or flower of its maturity arrives long after you have passed.

The sublime path of being a blessing to mankind, shedding light on dark days, is not for those who pretend ignorance to escape culpability. It is not for those who hide behind false humility, which is simply conceding to the arrogance of another. Instead, it is for men and women willing to let their light increasingly illuminate with the soft flow of hope the darkest corners of the lives they touch. It calls for masters with the innocence of a child, who freely acknowledge their inability to know the infinite plan of wisdom that shapes the lives of their fellow men. Through these masters, the Infinite speaks.

There are those who grasp greedily at every scrap of information, never pausing to incorporate it into their lives. They hoard and store and study knowledge as if by merely knowing it, they can gain power. Book volumes of information cannot enrich those who do not do the work within. Yet a person who has made wisdom their own will find their lives altered by a single phrase. It is to them that I speak. It is my sincere desire to share with healers, through these teachings, the continual stream of knowledge I receive. There is no limit to the knowledge that can be brought forth on this planet, but it must be called through the human heart.

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