Feeling Nervous

One of my children is shy, nervous and socially awkward. I’d like to help her learn to relax and also to deal with her feelings. I try to make time to read to her every night at bedtime to help calm her and ease into sleep. This seems to help. Can you recommend any books?

Children and adults will benefit from the following books and you can read them to younger children. If you teach your child the world around is supportive and healing, you raise a self-reliant child. These books teach about the value of all life and how we support nature when we work in cooperation with it: The Vision and Grandfather by Tom Brown[1].

A few other suggestions we can recommend for your child and all family members:

  • Limit and/or remove foods that contain artificial dyes/sweeteners/flavorings, caffeine and sugar from the daily diet, including chocolate, soda beverages (they contain caffeine and lots of sugar or artificial sweetener). Eat organic foods as much as possible.
  • Spend time in nature as much as possible. Walking barefoot in the grass grounds the body and helps to alleviate tension from our environment of noise and exposure to electrical devices (phones, tablets, music players, TV, cell phone towers, etc).
  • Make times for breaks during the day and get enough sleep.  Children may enjoy a healthy snack or smoothie after school and it marks a break from school to home before they begin homework. Work breaks have been proven to ease tension and improve concentration. Lack of sleep releases cortisol, a stress hormone. Sleep requirements vary between individuals with less sleep required by adults, see details below for sleep recommendations.


  • School-age children: 9-11 hours per day
  • Adolescents: 9-10 hours per day
  • Adults: 7-8 hours per day

[1] Excerpt from Handbook for Healers by Almine.

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