Establishing a Healthy Bodily Terrain

Bodies with too much alkalinity, as experienced by those who are on improperly balanced raw diets, can be as painful and achy as those whose bodies are too acidic. Since the latter are by far in the majority, we will focus primarily on over-acidic bodies. The pain of acidosis becomes especially aggravated in lightseekers as their con­sciousness heightens and the health of the bodily terrain lags behind.

Viruses, hostile bacteria, fungus and parasites all thrive in an acid­ic bodily terrain. Almost all people have some or all of the above in their systems. It has taken five years of personal research to find the most effective and lasting method to establish and maintain a healthy, pH balanced bodily terrain. The program takes about five months to rectify what decades of sugar and carbohydrate-laden meals of im­properly combined foods have produced. Although it is beyond the scope of this book to go into the depths of the comprehensive multi-faceted purification program, we will give you the resources needed:

1. Study the list of symptoms and the information given in the Appendix II of this book to determine whether hormone re­placement therapy, steroids, birth-control pills and antibiotics[1]  have caused an over-growth of fungus in the gastro-intestinal system, affecting your skin, hair, weight, etc.

2. Read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. It is the absolute foundation for healthful eating, food combining and pH balanc­ing (the acid/alkaline ratio) through food.

3. The information given in the two-hour audio presentation, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2], combined with the Purification Program given in Appendix I (and footnote 2), will provide you with the information to make a tremendous change in the health of your body.


An excerpt from the book Secrets of Rejuvenation by Almine.

[1] Found in meat products purchased in stores.

[2] Available under Purification and Detoxification Program I and II on

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