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Life and Immortality

LemurianScienceImmortality-eBookCoverXThe Lemurian Science of Immortality, the latest book by Almine, is sure to expand your ideas about life and immortality. Acknowledged as the leading mystic of our time, Almine once again delivers groundbreaking revelations on the art of youthening.

Upon discovering ancients who did not age, explorers of the Americas set out in search for the Fountain of Youth. Not realizing it was a set of tablets rather than an actual fountain, the records of the Fountain of Youth are revealed in this book.

As a master translator of records of antiquities, Almine has authored an unforgettable book that shatters existing paradigms perpetuating death. Available in paper and ebk download on our Spiritual Journeys store here.

Physicality’s gift is the inspired perspective.


Inspiration does not come in the form of an idea, but profound change in the song of your life. ~ Almine