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Managing Allergies and Eating Healthy – Is it Possible?

Q. I seem to be so allergic to a variety of foods and even possibly allergic to some foods that I am not even aware of. I am wondering how to strengthen my immune system and eat in a healthy way. Can you make any suggestions?

A. It’s important to eat foods that are low in histamine levels. Some suggestions would be:

  • Avoid or reduce eating canned food or pre-packaged foods and meals
  • Avoid or reduce eating ripened and certain fermented foods (older cheeses, alcoholic drinks, products containing yeast and stale fish)

Histamine levels in foods vary depending on how ripe, matured and hygienic the foods are:

  • As much as possible, only buy and eat fresh products
  • Do not allow foods to linger outside the refrigerator, especially meat products
  • Ensure that your food preparation area is always kept clean

High histamine level foods:


Mature cheeses

Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages


Beans (legumes) and pulses– pulses include peas, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans; peanuts are legumes

Wheat-based products

Most citric fruits

Prepared foods

Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives and artificial colorings

Low histamine level foods:

Fresh meat (cooled, frozen or fresh)

Freshly caught fish

Chicken (skinned and fresh)

Egg yolk

Fresh fruits – with the exception of strawberries, most fresh fruits are considered to have a low histamine level

Fresh vegetables – with the exception of tomatoes

Grains –  rice noodles, yeast-free rye bread and rice-crisped bread, oats, puffed rice crackers, millet flour, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth

Fresh pasteurized milk and milk products

Milk substitutes – coconut milk, almond milk

Cream cheese, butter that is not rancid

Most leafy herbs

Most non-citrus fruit juices

Herbal teas – other than yerba mate tea, green and black tea

Please be aware to wash fruit thoroughly before eating. When produce is stored in warehouses, rat poison is often placed on the floor.  Rats walk on the floor and often on the produce. Warfarin/Coumadin is the main ingredient in most modern rat poison, used as a blood thinner medication for humans. For this reason, many people eating healthy foods, still end up with Warfarin in their system. Fortunately, it is water soluble and easily removed with water. Stay tuned for further posts about cleaning vegetables – what’s the best method?