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Vision and Hearing

We have lately received many requests for information regarding vision and hearing. Almine recently did something that she hasn’t done for many, many years due to widely fluctuating, blurred and distorted vision; she went to the eye doctor to have a thorough evaluation done. The doctor’s conclusion was that nothing at all was wrong and that she should see him again in 20 years.

Vision is widely fluctuating because we are starting to lose the tyranny of the 4 senses that fell*, which are touch, hearing, sight and taste.  They are starting to lose their hold on a reality that is changing. They are not, for example, equipped to see formless form. We are also experiencing that the eye is seeing black light more easily which is verified in the increase in interdimensional photography – it was a rarity 10 years ago and is now quite common. So, the eye is starting to pick up black light more, and in addition, black light and white light are increasingly merging to the point that the eye can see both. We see black light, for example, when we are in a deeply meditative state and when we come out of it, we are not able to see white light very well.

Hearing is also fluctuating because we are starting to hear eternal sounds, not just the physical frequencies that we are used to, but additional refined frequencies. When I am very much trying to see something that I could not see before, very much trying to push beyond paradigms for my perception, I can hardly hear people speaking to me. In fact, my daughter has grown used to the fact that there are times that her mother’s hearing is just not functioning well.  I have to physically and fully come back here and it can even be while I am living my daily life; a piece of me is somewhere else. This is going to increase, in that, we are also going to now experience inner space more and eventually inner and outer space will merge so that there is a whole new way of perceiving that involves the inner senses cooperating with the external senses.

If you are not hearing well, you need to make the decision to be fully present. If you are not seeing well, you may not wish to rush to the doctor, but know that by tonight you might see very well indeed. The vision tends to be worse in the morning and also many lightworkers are beginning to find that black is no longer black, it is greyish, because they are starting to see the light that it emits. In addition, lightworkers need a lot of light to read with; they don’t do well in semi-darkness. These are some of the reasons for the changes we are experiencing – it is a massive transition of the evolution of the senses of man.

We know of one person who has been told he is deaf by a doctor but he can hear, and of one person who was born blind but can see; we are not certain of allopathic medical intervention with the case of the vision, but we know that without intervention, the ability to hear has been diagnosed as medically impossible.

Q. I have a complete loss of hearing in my right ear and a full loss of vision in my right eye. This came on gradually but I am fearful that I will lose hearing and sight on the left side also.

A. Loss of hearing and vision on the right side is a very, very strong indication that we are requiring the use of our inner senses. When you live the inner senses, you will be able to hear whether or not you even have an eardrum.

*The senses ‘fell’, experiencing a lowering of frequency, during Earth’s descension cycles. The only sense that did not fall was the sense of smell. See Egyptian Fragrance Alchemy website here for information about pure oils distilled in an ancient process, in order to produce the highest quality scents.

The End of Linear Time – What Does That Mean?

Almine has spoken of the ‘end of linear time’ as beginning in a public retreat in Genk, Belgium (see all public retreats during December of 2012, and that it culminated in mid-February 2013, during a Shamanic Woman’s retreat (see September Shamanic Woman’s Retreat). Many of you may have experienced bodily aches, pains, flu-like symptoms, etc. from the density which was released when this occurred.

We find the following quote in The Secrets of Dragon Magic, a soon to be released book by Almine that presents the ancient body of information for opening gates in the spine and for aligning the pranic tube and spine, which correlates with the combining of masculine and feminine components of our being.

“… If past expectations dictate present defense mechanisms,
we create a matrix that will confine us into cycles in which we encounter
past events over and over again.” In this quote, we are given practical advice for ‘how to’ release linear time, a virtual matrix and thought construct we create anew if we continue to ‘create from past experiences’. If we think of time as ‘real’, we can instead think of how often we have felt time pass quickly when we were having a peak experience and of time dragging on slowly during a not so pleasant experience?

We are also invited to eliminate the polarity of thinking of any event as either pleasant or unpleasant, slow or fast – it ‘just is’ when we remain in fluidity. Elimination of polarity, duality and linear time are some of the huge evolutionary shifts in human consciousness that are currently unfolding. See the upcoming post of 4/4/13 on this site about “Vision and Hearing”, a transcription of information given by Almine during a recent Q&A session at the March Shamanic Woman’s retreat.