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Sound Healing Modalities ~ How They Work

 The Purpose of the Rosecrucian Sound Healing Modalities

Three diverse sound healing techniques are given to address the three steps of healing that create the opportunity for stable and long-term beneficial results to manifest.

The first step in healing is the removal of illusion: The Alchemical Sound Healing of the Rosecrucians represents this. Illusion can be considered a scab or scar tissue that formed as a program or belief system, in the place of full self-expression. It blocks the healing of an area and requires certain life changes and attitude amendments to prevent the healing from being rejected or reversed.

The second step in a comprehensive program is the healing itself, represented by The Alchemical Sound Healing of the Rosecrucians and Belvaspata. The healing stage allows the frequency of the problem area to be changed and flow to be restored. It can be compared to an increase in the flow of a river breaking a beaver dam. Increased light is also used as a means of increasing the frequency and restoring vitality to dormant or congested areas.

The modality of Rosecrucian Sound Healing addresses step three: The remembrance that a separation cannot occur and that the true nature of our being is timeless and endless. The restoration of the memory of oneness is the culmination of the process to address the message of disease and re-establish its healthful expression.

The three diverse healing techniques each have a unique and specific value in facilitating healing, like three different paths up a mountain. When used jointly, they create a powerful and effective tool. It is recommended that they be used in three separate sessions no less than 4 hours apart. They can be successfully used days apart but for the best results, it is recommended that they be no more than seven days apart.

18AlchSoundElixirs-XThe “Alchemical Sound Healing” MP3 download used for Rosecrucian Sound Healing is comprised of 18 Alchemical Sound Elixirs received intuitively and sung by Almine. These sound elixirs function at multiple levels. They utilize the vast alchemical knowledge available through her work to eliminate dis-ease at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

It has been found that mental, emotional and physical disease is the result of missing frequencies within the individual’s ‘sonic signature’. Frequencies can be lost or missing due to genetics, family trauma and unresolved issues within the person’s life that have not yielded insights.

Establishing a Healthy Bodily Terrain

Bodies with too much alkalinity, as experienced by those who are on improperly balanced raw diets, can be as painful and achy as those whose bodies are too acidic. Since the latter are by far in the majority, we will focus primarily on over-acidic bodies. The pain of acidosis becomes especially aggravated in lightseekers as their con­sciousness heightens and the health of the bodily terrain lags behind.

Viruses, hostile bacteria, fungus and parasites all thrive in an acid­ic bodily terrain. Almost all people have some or all of the above in their systems. It has taken five years of personal research to find the most effective and lasting method to establish and maintain a healthy, pH balanced bodily terrain. The program takes about five months to rectify what decades of sugar and carbohydrate-laden meals of im­properly combined foods have produced. Although it is beyond the scope of this book to go into the depths of the comprehensive multi-faceted purification program, we will give you the resources needed:

1. Study the list of symptoms and the information given in the Appendix II of this book to determine whether hormone re­placement therapy, steroids, birth-control pills and antibiotics[1]  have caused an over-growth of fungus in the gastro-intestinal system, affecting your skin, hair, weight, etc.

2. Read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. It is the absolute foundation for healthful eating, food combining and pH balanc­ing (the acid/alkaline ratio) through food.

3. The information given in the two-hour audio presentation, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2], combined with the Purification Program given in Appendix I (and footnote 2), will provide you with the information to make a tremendous change in the health of your body.


An excerpt from the book Secrets of Rejuvenation by Almine.

[1] Found in meat products purchased in stores.

[2] Available under Purification and Detoxification Program I and II on

Allergy Season All Year Round

My daughter is so sensitive to cats that even being in a room with someone who has been around cats makes her sneeze! She recently broke out in hives during a tutoring session because her tutor had on a sweater she had worn while petting her cat. Besides the obvious allergy testing, what else do you suggest?

A compromised immune system brought on by allergies needs to be restored. Use of the following Pekana homeopathic[1] remedies can be helpful in restoring health and balance. Follow dosage and other remedy guidelines as provided on the bottle(s) or as given in How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2] by Almine.

Important: When using these remedies, take them either one hour before or after food and always use plastic spoons or cups for dosing (do not use metal spoons).

  • Apo-Hepat: assists to rebuild the liver and support the immune system.
  • Proaller: may be taken 5 to 6 times a day, 3 to 4 hours apart for acute symptoms of allergy and immune system fatigue resulting from allergies; otherwise use 3–4 times per day.
  • Itires: supports the lymph system and may be used for lymph congestion and problems in the nose, throat and lungs. Use the homeopathic remedy 20 drops, three or four times a day.

Other suggestions

Remove other stressors from the environment such as phenols found in almost all perfumed products, soaps, shampoos etc. Eliminate smoke, caffeine and other substances in your environment as well as mold and mildew.

Animal dander is often problematic. If you choose to own a pet be meticulous about where it sleeps and bathe the pet often to remove dander and loose hair, vacuum frequently and avoid the use of carpets in the home.

Allergies represent irritation. Look at the foods or things in your environment that irritate or have become intolerable to you. If there are problems with other people, the book Journey to the Heart of God has relevant information on conflict resolution.

This information is an excerpt from Handbook for Healers, A-Z section.


[1] Pekana remedies can be ordered and shipped within the U.S. by calling our office at 1-877-552-5646.

[2] Available now at in a revised 2nd edition Ebook/pdf format. The paperback edition will be available soon.

Feeling Nervous

One of my children is shy, nervous and socially awkward. I’d like to help her learn to relax and also to deal with her feelings. I try to make time to read to her every night at bedtime to help calm her and ease into sleep. This seems to help. Can you recommend any books?

Children and adults will benefit from the following books and you can read them to younger children. If you teach your child the world around is supportive and healing, you raise a self-reliant child. These books teach about the value of all life and how we support nature when we work in cooperation with it: The Vision and Grandfather by Tom Brown[1].

A few other suggestions we can recommend for your child and all family members:

  • Limit and/or remove foods that contain artificial dyes/sweeteners/flavorings, caffeine and sugar from the daily diet, including chocolate, soda beverages (they contain caffeine and lots of sugar or artificial sweetener). Eat organic foods as much as possible.
  • Spend time in nature as much as possible. Walking barefoot in the grass grounds the body and helps to alleviate tension from our environment of noise and exposure to electrical devices (phones, tablets, music players, TV, cell phone towers, etc).
  • Make times for breaks during the day and get enough sleep.  Children may enjoy a healthy snack or smoothie after school and it marks a break from school to home before they begin homework. Work breaks have been proven to ease tension and improve concentration. Lack of sleep releases cortisol, a stress hormone. Sleep requirements vary between individuals with less sleep required by adults, see details below for sleep recommendations.


  • School-age children: 9-11 hours per day
  • Adolescents: 9-10 hours per day
  • Adults: 7-8 hours per day

[1] Excerpt from Handbook for Healers by Almine.

Stepping Off the Treadmill -The Origin of Stress

The imbalance of doingness and hyperactivity versus beingness and repose has several causes. One of the primary ones however, finds its origin in the sub-personalities… The indescribable joy of a contented Inner Family in expression awaits all who are ready to leave the treadmill’s adversity behind. It does not end duality but balances it – the next step to transcending to a life of no opposites.

  • The more steeped we are in belief systems, and hence the more programmed our behavior is, the more life pressures us to change through providing opposition.
  • Stories of our lives can become identities if we allow them to define us. They are a role we briefly play on the stage of life, and as life moves to the next act, they disappear. Do not value them as relevant to who you are in the moment, but neither should they be discarded if they are a source of inspiration and a means of connecting with others.

A life of grace and peace unfolds through inspiration rather than opposition. All life changes when we find our source of inspiration.

~ Almine

Excerpts from The Lemurian Science of Peace


[1] The sub-personalities are the inner family of child, sage, warrior and nurturer. In many indigenous cultures these sub-personalities are represented also by the four directions.

Babies and Elderly – Fragrance Alchemy Oils

Q. We welcomed a beautiful newborn baby into our family very recently. Is it safe to use the Fragrance Alchemy oils  on the baby? I was thinking of using the 2 oils that balance the aspects of the masculine (Oud/Blend of the Gods) and feminine (Goddess Blend) to help the baby balance within their new environment.

A. Even though they are very pure and of high quality, it is not advisable to use the Fragrance Alchemy oils directly on the skin of a baby. This is also the case with the very elderly – both groups are very sensitive and have delicate skin. It is best to use the oils in the environment of the baby (or elderly person), in very small amounts. For example, you can place the oil on the infant’s mother in very tiny amounts and away from direct contact where the baby will nurse or have direct skin contact. For the elderly, a small amount of oil could be gently rubbed on the soles of the feet and soft, white cotton socks applied to warm the skin. A few drops of an oil may also be added to an open bowl or flask of pure water for a delicate aroma and therapeutic effect – do not place too close to the individual.



Easing Stages of Transition

Q. I was wondering if there is a scent that can be used for someone who is leaving their physical body for the soul or spirit world; something that would help with their leaving the physical body? Also, would this be a fragrance that I could use to travel between these different worlds? Is there a scent to use to bypass the soul and spirit realms and enter directly into our greater awareness?

fa_gardenofedenXA. The alchemical Egyptian oil blend, The Garden of Eden, has been created by Almine with a specific alchemical frequency that can effectively restore the innocence of timelessness to the body and its fields. This is the fragrance that Almine recommends for release of karma during the transition of leaving the physical body. It is also the fragrance that can be used to restore the remembrance of Oneness beyond the linear stages of change in our daily lives.


Questions About Meridian Clearing

Question:  I am using Fragrance Alchemy for the 12 Meridians to heal blockages. Would you advise the use of a pendulum to assist with assessing blockages in meridians?
Answer: Pendulums are too easily influenced by cosmic changes, self-interference and other variables. Muscle testing is better.

Question: What would be the expected time period to see some results with use of the Fragrance Alchemy oils and 12 meridian clearing process?
Answer: For clearing the 12 meridians, one month 3 times a week would be realistic. This constitutes 12 clearings altogether. For cases of childhood trauma as well as sexual abuse: 2 months, 3 times a week is a reasonable period of time to expect results.



Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Q. When I wash my hair, 6 or 8 strands may come out with one pass of the comb, even though I am using good shampoo and conditioner (they don’t contain sulfur products).  It is really frightening and I don’t know what to do. I recently had a lot of dental work done, which has been very stressful and I feel this may have something to do with it. Can you recommend anything?

A . Hair loss may occur for several reasons – see our previous post, “Hair Loss Help” here. Stress alone can result in hair loss but it may also be due to the dental treatment.


Radiation from X-rays

Heavy metals –Cadmium is released into the body when drilling is done on porcelain crowns. Mercury is released from amalgam fillings.


Treatment: Radiation

Radinex – Pekana homeopathic remedies* assist the body in overcoming exposure to radiation in the connective tissue matrix. (Radinex is recommended especially for men and women who have received radiation therapy as part of their cancer treatment.) Dosage is 20 drops, x3 per day, ½-1 hour away from food; avoid use of metal dosage containers.

Chlorella (green algae) blocks the action of free radicals and is high in vitamin C, betacarotene, iron and B-complex vitamins. Helps to clear radiation from the body.

Treatment: Heavy Metals

Pekana homeopathic remedies assist the body in detoxing from heavy metal exposure.

Mundipur – supports detoxification and reducing of systemic inflammation.

Toxex – supports systemic drainage of heavy metal, systemic or microbial toxins.

Opsonat – supports detoxification of focal infection or other toxicity, always use with other remedies.

Treatment: Stress

Grounding by walking with bare feet or natural soled shoes (no rubber or plastic) or sitting on grass for at least 45 minutes per day assists the body to align with the electro-magnetic field of the Earth, reducing biological stress.

B-vitamins – support the nervous system.

General treatment for healthy hair

Tonic – A tonic for preventing hair loss and maintaining hair color calls for 4 teaspoons each of honey, blackstrap molasses and ap­ple cider vinegar. Take this mixture before breakfast.

Rinse – To eliminate dandruff and make hair soft and shiny, rinse with a half cup of apple cider vinegar mixed into two cups of warm water after ev­ery shampoo. This rinse is also said to eliminate frizz from over-permed hair, brightens dark hair and adds sparkle to blonde hair.

*The 5- Month program for detoxification of the body as featured in the book,  How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, features Pekana homeopathic remedies and is designed to support the body where one system after another has fallen over and very firmly set it on the path to recovery. See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here. Contact our office at 1-877-552-5646 to order Pekana homeopathic remedies.