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Restoring Vision

Handy Health Hint:

Restoration of the lens of the eye can be accomplished through Tonal Illumination: the combination of Sound and Light combined.

About Tonal Illumination

A Light Elixir is a combination of light and sound,  and as explained here, a Personal Elixir of Light is a unique and exquisite piece of digital artwork prepared by Almine, just for you. This is accompanied by an individual musical chant.

Almine’s beautiful voice has delighted hundreds of recipients of personal sound elixirs. Many miracles have been reported since the time this great gift has been available. Now experience the depth of your existence beyond duality, and in the perfection of the Oneness, through this powerful alchemy of sound and light.

Light Elixirs


We are excited to announce Your Star Transmission of Light–  your opportunity to experience Tonal Illumination through connecting with a cosmic penpal! Almine speaks about these transmissions here, “What is a Star Transmission of Light”? The short answer is that these transmissions are a mystical tool consisting of a three- minute transmission spoken by a star  being and its English translation. Along with their message you will receive a specific painting that expresses their planetary art – this art transmits non-cognitive information and conveys codes designed to unlock your capacity to navigate the new emotional landscape that the cosmos has entered.

Note: Your Star Transmission of Light is yours to reproduce, print, etc upon purchase. Spiritual Journeys, LLC reserves the right to publish this art in a Star Being book at a future date.