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The Secret of How We Experience Time

This is a really fascinating explanation concerning our experience of ‘time’ – it’s a quote from Secrets of Dragon Magic by Almine – coming soon to our webstore book section in both paper and ebk download version.

“A great secret now we tell for those who want to understand how it is possible for life around them to be a mirror and how, to another, you are but a mirror: The secret to unlock this mystery is time. It rotates like a disc with each life form having a position on the disc. Wherever your awareness is focused on the disc is the present moment for you. Only
those elements of existence you are focused on are real in that, only where your awareness is, can you access the patterns of possibilities of existence. Everything outside of your ‘moment,’ or your illuminated spot on the turning disc of time, is but an unreal shadow on the mirrored walls of your chrysalis.”

“The fact that everyone’s ‘real’ moment is on a different spot on the wheel of time means that we live in different realities and in different times. Each moment is real only because it is a spot that someone has become aware of by seeing the patterns of specific possibilities that stimulate action. This creates their reality. If we focus on another set of possibilities, we immediately change our reality.”