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Teeth and Gums

We seem to have a lot of interest in teeth and gum health. Here is a recent question that came up.

Q. I have extremely sensitive gums and I seem to be getting gum disease because when I floss, my gums just throb and bleed. What do you recommend?

A. We recommend the use of  a  dental  hygiene irrigation device (several brands are available such as Water-Pik, water flosser). Use of such a device in a specific area for 3 seconds has been proven in laboratory testing to remove 99.9 % of the plaque from the area treated. It is 50% more effective than the string floss that is giving you difficulties and it reverses gingivitis and improves gum health. The water is directed directly above the gum line and is able to clean the pockets that are formed between the gum, and sometimes the bone, and the tooth itself – something that the usual string floss cannot accomplish. These irrigation devices usually have an attachment head that is good for cleaning of teeth for your children, when they are wearing braces. Braces can cause permanent damage to the teeth, and multiple cavities, if you can not properly clean under them.

The bleeding of the gums can take place at the beginning of inflammation of the gums. Teeth that are not regularly brushed will result in bleeding gums but its recommended to brush anyway – the bleeding is due to lack of brushing and the inflammation forms as a result. To start, use the lowest setting on the water irrigation device. Many of these devices come in a portable model that can be used in the shower or when traveling.