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Is Sunscreen Necessary

Q.Please make a recommendation about skin protection and use of sunblock/sunscreen to prevent skin damage, cancer, etc. Do we need to ‘protect’ ourselves from the sun and damage to our skin.

A. Sunblock is definitely needed until we reach a stage where we no longer are subject to external factors, because we know our body to be an incorruptible, self-regenerating field. It is especially the case for those in our family that have not reached this level of mastery. Sunblock prevents skin damage and possibilities of cancer should loved ones abandon themselves in favor of living according to other’s expectations. So, the answer is a definite ‘yes’, on the use of sunblock. Use products with the most natural ingredients possible.

For children who are getting in and out of the water, we need to make certain that the sunscreen is reapplied per the directions on the label to provide consistent protection. The same is recommended for adults, especially if they are perspiring during the summer heat or with activities – reapply sunscreen. Remember that the rays of the sun reflect off the water and even if feeling cool on our skin surface, the skin can be burned or damaged.

In addition, avoid direct sunlight on exposed and unprotected skin during the times of the day when the sun is most direct overhead (noon- 2 pm). Wear clothing with long sleeves, use sun umbrellas, hats and sunglasses for protection if outdoors during these times.