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What Can be Done ABout Snoring?

Snoring can be a very serious interruption to our own sleep and that of others. The following question was received from a student of Almine, Nadia, Chicago.

Q. Can you recommend something to help with eliminating or decreasing snoring?

A. Fragrance alchemy oils may work for you. They were successfully used very recently among a group of students who were sharing sleeping space, ‘dorm style’ and loud snoring was disrupting sleep.

The combination of pure Henna Flower and Lotus oils, available on Fragrance Alchemy was found to be really effective at both reducing and, even in some cases, eliminating snoring. See the diagram below for the locations to place the oils.

We recommend consultation with your health care practitioner for additional considerations including general obesity. The weight of body mass may put undue pressure on the neck and throat area when lying flat, contributing to airway obstruction and sleep apnea, etc. Persons with a large abdomen, a thick neck and/or women with large breasts may find that weight loss improves the overall quality of their sleep; also snoring may disappear or become less strident.

Henna Flower– place a small amount of the oil on both sides of the nose and out onto the mid-cheek area.

Lotus – place a small amount of the oil directly under the nose and on the length of both sides of the trachea/throat area.