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Relieving Stress with the Experience of Eternal Time

Where are you going at such a speed?

Why is hurrying such a need?

When you will end up where you’ve already been…


…Cease the race, with no place to go

Take time for being and eternal time[1] you’ll know

When linear time and eternal time blend

Timelessness is born and your body will mend.

Excerpt from Secrets of Rejuvenation.


[1] See Silencing the Egoic Mind (Establishing Silence of the Mind) post of July 10, 2013 on this website.



Silencing the Egoic Mind

Establishing Silence of the Mind

The initial establishing of a body free from linear time would ideally require an entire week to be set aside to do this exercise. However, to set aside even an hour a day will produce beneficial results. This is not like meditation, but like a child observing the world around him. Releasing linear time from the body is not only the way to youthen, but is also the way to optimum health. Linear time, and its resulting tension, are a form of self-conflict, an inner war that produces inflammation.

“The How To Exercise” for Silence of the Mind

In preparation for this week of silence, stock up on any groceries that you may require including whole foods and pure water. It is recommended that you do not go into the outside world of people and traffic. Avoid stores and public places.

As it is your intent to switch the world off for a week, disconnect all phones, televisions, faxes, computers and music to enable you to experience complete silence. Use oil lamps or candles in order to feel the deep rhythms of the Earth blend with you.

Initially you may experience some discomfort as it may feel alien to you to just be. Over the next few days as the ‘talons of linear time’ are released from you body, you may experience unprecedented depths of bliss.

Sleep when you are tired, wake when you wish, eat when you feel inclined. Be comfortable in a self-nourishing way with fuzzy blankets and comfy slippers. (Do not go to sleep if you are only doing if for an hour per day.)

Try to just ‘be’. This is different from meditation. When a thought arises, do not engage it. Just observe the thought rise and fall like a wave on the ocean. Do not read or listen to music during this time. The goal is to empty the mind, not to fill it.

If tension in any part of the body persists during the first days, pretend there is a little mouth over the area and breathe the tension out in deep breaths. Envision a bird’s talons in the area and see yourself pry them loose as you breathe.

Whether you use the above exercise in multiple sessions or complete it as one long session, the goal is to feel the release of linear time. You may suddenly feel at some point as if egoic mind, which is usually driving you to action, constantly chattering, and moving you out of the present moment, is… silent. Your mind may seem so still in fact, that the silence itself is experienced as ‘loud’. Once the stillness comes, you will find that increased energy is available for ‘paying attention’, which results in increased awareness and perception, and the experience of ‘eternal time’.

You cannot fly high like an eagle while simultaneously trying to fit in with the turkeys. Moving beyond mortal boundaries requires an uncompromising life.

~ Almine

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