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Body Piercings and Interrupted Meridians

Q. What is your recommendation if people have pierced their ears or have other body piercings? It sees that some piercings grow closed and some do not.  What can be done for interrupted meridians in the ears?

A. Henna Flower and Rose oil combined in equal parts, rubbed into the ears for 30 consecutive days is the recommendation. If there are multiple piercings, the oils should be used for 60 days on each area. This is the amount of time that is required to re-program a part of the body.


Fragrance Alchemy offers assorted sets of essential oils in 2 ml. sample sizes, including sets for Clearing the 12 Main Meridians of the Body, Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians of the Body and Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body.

Questions About Meridian Clearing

Question:  I am using Fragrance Alchemy for the 12 Meridians to heal blockages. Would you advise the use of a pendulum to assist with assessing blockages in meridians?
Answer: Pendulums are too easily influenced by cosmic changes, self-interference and other variables. Muscle testing is better.

Question: What would be the expected time period to see some results with use of the Fragrance Alchemy oils and 12 meridian clearing process?
Answer: For clearing the 12 meridians, one month 3 times a week would be realistic. This constitutes 12 clearings altogether. For cases of childhood trauma as well as sexual abuse: 2 months, 3 times a week is a reasonable period of time to expect results.