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Relieving Stress with the Experience of Eternal Time

Where are you going at such a speed?

Why is hurrying such a need?

When you will end up where you’ve already been…


…Cease the race, with no place to go

Take time for being and eternal time[1] you’ll know

When linear time and eternal time blend

Timelessness is born and your body will mend.

Excerpt from Secrets of Rejuvenation.


[1] See Silencing the Egoic Mind (Establishing Silence of the Mind) post of July 10, 2013 on this website.



Beauty Products

Read the labels of all food and beauty products; remembering that the ingredients are listed in order by their volume as contained in the product. If you are unable to pronounce the ingredients, chances are you don’t want them in, or on, your body. Your skin is the largest organ of absorption and excretion so keep it clean, healthy and supple with simple products that contain pure ingredients.

Lavender Oil

The many contributions are as varied as the oils, making it difficult to single one out. But lavender is rare in that it is anti-inflammatory and balancing (normalizing oiliness) and is suitable for every body type. Furthermore, it reduces stress and enhances libido. It is a pow­erful wrinkle reducer, antiseptic and scar eliminator. Like bergamot, it can be used as an anti-depressant and is also great as a deodorant. It relieves sunburn and restores skin’s elasticity.

Note: Drop 4 drops of lavender oil into a cup of cool water. Dip a washcloth in the solution, wring out the excess liquid, and use as a soothing eye compress.

Rose Oil

Not all roses are the same, due to centuries of cultivation of hybrid species. Young Living Oils use Bulgarian Rose Oil with a frequency of 320 Hz, the highest in the plant kingdom.

It is a powerful releaser of HGH, a cell rejuvenator and is also suitable for all skin types. Bulgarian scientists have demonstrated that Bulgarian Rose Oil can reduce high blood pressure and heart arrhythmias.

Some ingredients to immediately avoid in beauty products:

Alcohol – may increase the risk of tongue and throat cancer; contributes to hyperglycemia in children.

Aluminum – is linked to nerve damage, breast cancer, Alzheimers.

DEA – (diethanolamine)/TEA – cancer causing, found in many toiletries and cosmetics.

Proplyene glycol – carries a risk of kidney and liver abnormalities and skin cancer.

Sodium lauryl sulphate – engine degreaser; found in shampoos. It can affect the development of children’s eyes and is so caustic that it causes eventual hair loss by damaging the hair follicle and impeding hair growth.

Toulene – an endocrine disrupter; may cause birth defects.

Talc – some research has found that frequent use of talcum powder dramatically increases certain cancers.

Diazo-lidinyl-urea – a pesticide used as a cosmetic preservative.

Methylparaben – often causes allergic reactions.

Propyl-paraben – can cause skin reactions.Plastics cause a disruption in the hormones of the body. They dissolve into food and beauty products, contributing to premature aging and hair loss.

Excerpt from Secrets of Rejuvenation.

Body and Soul

Concepts for contemplation ~

The body tries to change through elimination and the soul through assimilation. These body systems will act up and age one, if these processes are not combined with receptive stillness – a grounding energy. Jointly, they create exponential change and profound shifts result from expending only a bit of energy.

Rejuvenation_1024x1024See Secrets of Rejuvenation book and online course.

Urinary Tract Infections

Managing infections can be difficult in terms of symptoms and causes, especially if we wish to avoid the use of antibiotics or other medications that may mask or actually increase the problem. We received the following question:

Q. What can I do about the many urinary tract infections that I seem to get?

A. Firstly, the causes of this have to be evaluated:

1. Women have often called this condition the ‘honeymoon disease’ because a new sex partner can either irritate the urethra or introduce new bacteria. A man’s semen is alkaline and the ph of the vagina should be slightly acidic. This creates fertile conditions for the growth of bacteria. One solution is to urinate immediately after intercourse to clear the urethra, even if only just a small amount. Secondly, there is a vaginal douche of organic apple cider vinegar in very diluted form given in The Secrets of Rejuvenation book – view details of the book here. See our Handy Health Hints post here.

2. Vaginal infections as well as urinary tract infections are indicative of systemic candidiasis. See the list of symptoms here.  (Urinary tract infections in men are more rare, due to the length of their urethra and the distance that bacteria must travel to reach their bladder, but they can be caused by a vaginal infection of their sex partner.) If you have 4 or more of the candidiasis symptoms, the only real answer to rid the body of the yeast overgrowth is to follow the 5-month program found in How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here. Candidiasis can exist in aerobic and anaerobic form. Once it enters the bloodstream it is very difficult to eliminate in any other way and the problem is compounded by the poor state of the digestive tract of most people due to our modern diets.

3. The third reason, I find to be far more prevalent than one would expect, since the medical profession often disacknowledges its existence. There is a condition that exists in which acidic drinks such as fruit juices, carbonated beverages (which contain phosphoric, ascorbic and citric acid) and highly acidic foods such as tomato based spaghetti sauce burns the most outer cellular layer of the bladder and/or the urethra. When this happens, the bacteria in urine adhere to the walls, the way that dust would stick to skin that has been burned. This causes ongoing bacterial infections. A student who had experienced 13 years of bladder infections and had been seen by every conceivable expert in the urology field within the United States, had her condition clear entirely by simply removing acidic drinks and foods from her diet and increasing pure water intake.

Please be aware that urinary tract infections often indicate the inability to freely and purely express. This can be the case because of intimidation by petty tyrants or restrictions placed on ourselves because of attempts to pacify others or to be accepted and loved. The freedom of our expression is paramount in fulfilling our unique contribution to humanity.