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Rejuvenation Through A Life of No Opposites

The secrets of rejuvenation fall into three categories:

  • Changing the way we interact with and perceive life.
  • Mystical practices revealed through the texts of ancient *Saradesi records.
  • Physical methods of firstly disengaging from the self-destructive habits of man that we accept as ‘normal’ and secondly, resetting the physical clock.

The success of all three categories requires an absolute determination to fly high like an eagle, leaving the flocks of birds behind. Do not expect support from the tribe for they sense that you threaten the existence of the status quo. If it is the approval of the masses that you want as they wallow in self-destructiveness, then you must forgo your quest to live beyond mortal boundaries.

“He who cannot hear the music thinks the dancer is mad.”

~ Rumi

Saradesi_FOY_1024x1024 *Excerpt from, Saradesi, Fountain of Youth online course