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Practical Advice on Unblocking Your Chakras

Can you tell us specific ways that we can remove the debris that is blocking our chakras? As I understand it, a blocked chakra can affect our health in the area where the chakra is located. (This question refers to our post “The Seven Bodies of Man – Physicality and Beyond” of June 28, 2014.)


First of all, we may ask where do these seals or plugs come from? The earth too has her chakras, and the opening of the seven seals as described in the Bible (Revelations) refers specifically to the earth’s opening of her chakras in preparation for her ascension.

As trauma or forced change (pain)[1] occurs, there is often a delay in processing the insights[2] that the experience yields. In the case of the earth we have to process it for her. The accumulation of these suppressed insights creates a blockage or plug in the center of the chakra. Most people therefore have chakras that are conical to the front and back.

As we start living self-examined lives and extract the insights from past experience, the chakras release their seals and become spherical. The more we become aware of the purpose of indwelling life hiding behind form, the more our chakras open and overlap. Eventually, there is one large unified chakra field. Heartache, sexual stimulation, expanded awareness, and other feelings usually localized within the area of a chakra, now are felt in the entire body.

When the chakra fields unify, a lot more energy is available to the individual and inner guidance becomes strong. The reason for this is that obstruction from the mental body is partially reduced and the influence of the higher bodies floods into the lower bodies. One begins to live in grace; to cooperate with the higher self in living the blueprint for this particular life.

Excerpt from A Life of Miracles, Almine.

[1] See “The Language of Pain” post of May 31, 2014.

[2] See Life of Miracles section on the essential skill of recapitulation or gaining insights from past experiences. This yields perception; in other words it turns the unknown (unaccessed light) into the known (accessed light).