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In Harmony with Nature

Wherever diseases exist, a lack of harmonious frequencies can be found in the body. Plants
can provide missing frequencies and therefore restore health. The plant kingdom represents
the resource for adjusting frequency.

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When we notice the simple riches of nature, they become our own. That within us, which they reflect, is activated into fuller expression. We cannot appreciate what we do not have within.

Excerpt from Seer’s Wisdom

Beauty Products Made at Home

Q. Do you have any recipes for natural beauty products?

Almine’s reply:

Lavender oil
Lavender oil is rare in that it is anti-inflammatory and balancing (normalizing oiliness) and is suitable for every body type. Furthermore, it reduces stress and enhances libido. It is a powerful wrinkle reducer, antiseptic and scar eliminator. Like bergamot oil, you can use it as an anti-depressant and it is also great as a deodorant. It relieves sunburn and restores skin’s elasticity.
Note: Drop 4 drops of lavender oil into a cup of pure, cool water. Dip a washcloth in the solution, wring out the excess liquid, and use as a soothing eye compress.

Toners and Spritzers
1. Mineral water mixed with 3–4 drops of lavender oil.
2. Organic apple cider vinegar mixed with 3–5 drops of lavender oil
relieves skin disorders, redness, inflammation and age spots.
3. A tablespoonful of witch hazel combined with 2 drops of lavender
oil is an astringent, cooling toner that refines skin tone and
minimizes enlarged pores. Store this in the refrigerator.

Note: Use spray bottle to mist face if desired, keep eyes closed when spritzing.

Excerpt from Handbook for Healers


Benefits of Plants and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. I am a healer, working with the problems of many different people. How can I maintain the purity of my own fields and body?

A. The plant wheels and symbols found in the ancient libraries and records are usually synonymous with purification and their quality of being a filter for pure intent.

Wheels Goddess Archetypes 1 - 4

Click here to download the 16 Goddess Archetype Wheels

The essential pure oils, calibrated according to ancient alchemical formulas, benefit an individual in the same way. They act as a filter for discordant frequencies entering the fields of someone wearing them. They also purify the old emotional patterns of fear, pain, guilt, anger and hopelessness held in the body and fields of the person.