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Potency and Possibilities of Sound Healing

Q. I feel overwhelmed at times with the pollution of our water, the Earth, our air and even noise pollution. It seems we have pollution from all sides – including vaccines for our babies, chemicals and additives in our food, and who knows what else that we don’t even have knowledge of. Is there some way to deal with all the stress of this negativity in our environment?

A. It is possible to work with the alchemical potencies of sound in order to cancel out illusion in your environment, including the effects of vaccines, nano-technology, HAARP, subliminal programming, radiation and pollution. This is accomplished through combining what is known to mystics as white and black light frequencies into a ‘sound elixir’.

Sound elixirs are more than music; they have an alchemical potency of frequency beyond what is merely heard. They can be played during the day in your home to cleanse and purify the environment or in your workplace.  During sleep, they can be played at a low volume in the room or through earphones. The result is that illusion-based programming such as lack, aging and disease, can be neutralized. Listen to sound elixirs by Almine here.

soundelixir-shopify_1024x1024A personal sound elixir can be created specifically for you; hear Almine explain more about them here – you can also read testimonials from those who have used sound elixirs created by Almine.