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Maintaining Acid-Alkaline Balance in the Body

Q. I have HAD to watch my pH for over 30 years.  That means I have to juice fresh veggies, at least a couple glasses a day to keep my pH up.  When I consume a lot of alcohol drops (like the Pekana products) my pH goes completely yellow on the test strips I use.  And my pH won’t budge until I stop the Pekana drops. This is what happened with the alcohol drops I took over 20 years ago. I had no idea at that time what alcohol drops could do to me.  I went into severe diarrhea and throwing up, to where I was close to being rushed to the hospital.  I am drinking two glasses a day of cucumber and celery juice; today my pH is yellow and not budging.  I am so sad I don’t want to have to quit this program.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Please tell me there is something I can do that will bring my pH up and will allow me to continue with the Pekana program. I have put my heart and soul into completing this program.

A. Many issues create an acidic condition in the body, including stress. Toxins absorbed by the body could create a highly acidic bodily terrain. The other issue is incorrect diet, which doesn’t seem to be an issue for you. The Pekana homeopathic product, Lactic Plus, not only corrects the pH of the body, but also delivers 300% more oxygen to the energy-producing organelle inside the cells. It is an excellent product; unfortunately it is banned in Europe.

I recommend that you feed yourself through enemas. If you are using healthy juicing methods and it is still not correcting the pH, a slow daily enema of fresh juice, including wheat grass juice, would be the preferred method to ensure that you are absorbing healthy nutrients. When someone is eating healthy foods and the necessary results are not achieved, it is usually due to malabsorption. The one-hour long enema, with a slow drip, is a way to bypass this problem.

As for your allergy and reaction to alcohol, yes, it is true that the Pekana homeopathic remedies are preserved in a high-grade alcohol. However, in cases such as yours, the company has assured me that one can bring water to a low- steam heat and then add the remedies to remove the alcohol through evaporation; we recommend that you try to do this. (Remove water from heat source and always avoid the use of metal pans and utensils.)  This method does dilute the effectiveness but not enough that it presents a big problem.

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