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Support for Menses Discomfort

Q. My teen-age daughter has very severe cramps with menstruation. Can you recommend help for her?

A. Upelva[1]: help relieve menstruation discomfort. During times of stress, painful periods can increase. If stress is present during or just before menstruation, include Supren drops to help stimulate proper hormone production and to assist with the stress.

[1] Pekana remedies are available through our Spiritual Journeys office at 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in US. These products can be shipped directly to any US location.

Shortness of Breath

Q. I have been suffering from shortness of breath now for 18 months. It started out of the blue, one summer day when I woke up. I have had every possible test to find out what is causing this problem. It has completely changed my disposition and nothing seems to help improve it.  Please help, I am feeling desperate.

A. A skilled chiropractor that can adjust your ribs and/or diaphragm may alleviate the situation – you don’t say whether or not you have tried chiropractic treatment.  Muscles between the ribs and the diaphragm can spasm, causing involuntary muscle contraction. This results in stiffness in the muscles between the ribs and can cause a sensation of shortness of breath.

Another common cause is an acute or chronic neck problem, which causes a pull on the long muscles joining the neck and ribs – resulting in the same situation as above. NUCCA chiropractors specialize in the adjustment of the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis) and you may wish to read our post Head and Neck Pain of February 5, 2014 on this website for more details.

Psy-stabil, a Pekana remedy may decrease the anxiety and tension associated with your symptoms. I can be ordered through our Spiritual Journeys office (1-877-552-5646, toll-free in US).

Electro-magnetic Fields of Computers and Technical Devices

We have posted several questions and answers about detoxing from heavy metals and radiation. We are happy to answer the following question from a student which we just received and hope you find helpful. The question is in regards to Almine’s teenage daughter using alot of tech gadgets – computer, pad devices, cell phone, etc – as many of us do.

Q. In one of Almine’s YouTube videos, she talks about her teenage daughter being around alot of technology (computer, phone, tablet device, etc) and she recommends a product to rid the breast tissue of toxins related to this type of exposure.

A. We are exposed to many types of toxins in our environments (both indoors and out), such as exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) of all sorts, including our electronic devices. Also, we are exposed to heavy metals and radiation in our water, air and soil. We have explained that toxins, especially radiation, may accumulate in the breast tissue and also in the prostate gland – so both men and women are affected.

We highly recommend the homeopathic remedy, Radinex, which can be ordered using the Pekana homeopathic order form on this site; it includes the details required to place an order from our office for shipment within US. (Other sources may be available in Canada and Europe. Shipments are dependent upon health and customs regulations in each country.)

Radinex assists in elimination of radiation from the body and according to the product label assists with detoxifying “electro-magnetic frequencies from the connective tissue matrix”.

You may be interested in previous posts such as an assortment of articles on this site about heavy metal and radiation detox and the comprehensive information of the book and 2-hour audio lecture (MP3 download) by Almine titled How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease.

Can Depression Be Due to Food Allergies?

Q. My stomach really hurts. For days I have only been eating rice. I have a history of inflammation. When the weather is damp, my body hurts and I become depressed and don’t want to live. It passes within a day or a few hours. I also have a list of food allergies. If I eat them, I get inflammations in my joints. If I eat gluten, my stomach and intestines can swell up and I also get feelings of not wanting to live. What can I do to improve my situation?

A. Vitamin C and B vitamins are not being absorbed properly due to the fact that you need to follow the entire Chronic Disease protocol (see more about this 5-month purification and detoxification program here). I recommend that you have Psy-stabil[1] (the homeopathic remedy for anxiety, mood swings, etc) on hand at all times and take it every day for at least 2 months.

You have a lot of allergies. You must build up your system (through the progressive healing approach of the 5-month healing program) or the allergies will persist.  The reason you feel so depressed is systemic and medically/physically based – not from mental health.


[1] Pekana remedies can be ordered through our office, call 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in the US.


Acne Management

Q. What can I do about the acne that is appearing on my daughter’s neck and shoulders?  It seems to possibly be caused by the oils in her hair as she sometimes gets an outbreak on her face also – in the area of her long bangs.

A. Several options for treating this condition are:

  • Push water intake, with at least 4 bottles (8 ounces each) minimum per day. My daughter likes it when I squeeze ½ lemon and 1 dropper of stevia (w/out alcohol preservative) into her water. It’s like no-calorie lemonade!
  • Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel (not juice) can be spread over areas that come in contact with the hair. It creates a protective film, allowing the acne to heal and prevents contact with the hair.
  • Itires has proven to be a wonderful aid for acne, as most acne problems stem from poor lymph flow (Itires stimulates the lymph). The dosage is 15-20 drops, 3-4 times per day, at least 30 minutes away from meals (the lower dosage is for 130 pounds weight or less). Avoid the use of metal utensils or containers with the Pekana spagyric homeopathics.


See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease package here.  Included are the manual and Almine’s 2-hour audio lecture in MP3 download format. The audio details the development of chronic health conditions and provides a step-by-step process for the restoration of health that many have found beneficial.

What Causes Fatigue?

Have you ever wondered about the causes of fatique? Read on for more information about the possible causes.

Q. What are the causes of fatigue?

A. There are different types of fatigue. One is the type where you have difficulty with muscular strength, and going up the stairs seems harder than what it should be. The other one is fatigue from working, even in front of a computer, for instance. The one has to do with metabolic energy and the other with stamina. Fatigue could have several root causes, and a naturopathic clinic can usually establish which one of these it is.

1. Hormonal causes: When testosterone and progesterone are low, this will be felt in muscular strength. A saliva test given over the course of a day is needed to establish the exact ratios of hormone levels. Often doctors only give women automatic estrogen replacement therapy without doing a saliva test to determine whether or not testosterone and progesterone are low as well.

2. Glucose (sugar) metabolism: If glucose is not metabolized effectively in order to produce energy that reaches the muscles, muscle strength will also be weak.

3. Candida: Review the Candida symptoms here to determine if you may have this condition.

4. Epstein-Barr virus: EBV belongs to the herpes virus family and is one of the most common human viruses. When children are infected with EBV, the virus typically doesn’t cause any symptoms. When teens or young adults get it however, they often develop infectious mononucleosis (‘mono’ or ‘the kissing disease’). Although most cases of mono clear up in a month or two, EBV remains dormant (inactive) inside the person’s immune system cells. Most people have some traces of this virus in their body (95% in the US), because they have been exposed to it through other people, even though it may not have ended up as a full-blown case of diagnosed mononucleosis. It is often found that people who have had mono, have been treated with antibiotics  (used to treat symptoms such as tonsillitis, lymph gland swelling, etc.) and therefore have Candida. Although Epstein-Barr virus is claimed to be incurable, we have had tremendous success in treating it, along with Candida, on the 5-month Chronic Disease program, see here.

Note: It has been found that tung oil used for the manufacture of oil paints, varnishes, waterproof substance, anti-corrosives and other products, have EBV-activating potency. It is highly recommended to avoid all products that contain tung oil.

Euphorbia tirucalli, isa succulent cactus-like plant from South Africa, introduced as a garden and common houseplant (known also as pencil cactus, petroleum plant or milkbush). The sap of this plant has been clinically documented as actually promoting cancer development, suppressing the immune system, and activating dormant Epstein-Barr virus.

Mystery of Menopause

Q. Is there any piece of wisdom that you could give one to help cope with menopause?

A. Menopause is definitely a stage where the discomfort is optional. It produces releases from the liver in the form of hot flashes. If one were to go through the 5-month purification program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease that I have recommended, the liver will be cleansed in a way that there is no further need for these unpleasant experiences. It also helps to balance the emotions. In case there are still mood swings, depression, etc, I recommend adding in Psy-stabil to be used 15 drops, 3-4 times per day. This is also a very helpful spagyric homeopathic remedy (see What are Spagyric Homeopathic remedies? post of 3/3/13) to give teenagers during the very emotional time of the first year’s of menstruation. In the case of severe menopausal symptoms, acupuncture by a proficient practitioner is also very helpful because it assists to balance the endocrine system. In the rare event that we still have any menopausal symptoms after the 5-month purification program and acupuncture , the thyroid function should also be boosted with apo-Strum to strengthen the thyroid with a dosage of ¼ to ½ teaspoon, 2 or 3 times a day.

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How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease paper book version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease  Ebk/digital version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease   2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation only, by Almine

Note: apo-Strum homeopathic remedy strengthen the thyroid, apo-Stom treats afflictions of the GI tract and regulates stomach function.

Calcifications in the Body

Q. How can I rid my body of calcifications?

A. We recommend Mundipur spagyric homeopathic remedy (see our post of 3/3/13 What Are Spagyric Homeopathic Remedies), dosage is one teaspoonful, 3 times per day.  Drink plenty of water as the Mundipur is highly effective and the calcium must be flushed out of your body. You can also strengthen these systems with additional homeopathic remedies:  the liver (ApoHepat), kidneys/bladder and urological tract (Renelix) and lymph system (Itires). These can be taken together; dosage is 15 drops, 3 times a day. Always take homeopathic remedies away from food by at least one hour and use plastic spoon or dosing cup (do not use metal).

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Almine

Welcome to Handbook for Healers! It’s our newest website for sharing the cutting-edge and life-changing information of the Seer Almine. You could consider it a BIG Valentine Gift from Almine – one that will continue giving information from her fountain of wisdom with frequent, often daily, posts with the focus on health: for everyone interested in their own health and well-being and that of their family and friends.

View Almine’s videos on these websites:

Spiritual Journeys website

Almine Diary – Global Health Symposium Catching Up (post of January 2, 2013)

Almine reported in her video, how the waters of the Earth have been polluted by radiation and recommended 3 methods to assist with releasing the radiation from the body, including:

1. The 12 Breaths of Proxy – are specific breathing techniques to cleanse radiation from the body. These techniques will be taught for the first time at Almine’s Red Deer retreat in Alberta, Canada.

2. Removing Heavy Metals and Radiation from Food

The following tools are very specifically recommended for seafood, including sea vegetables:

Wheels 1-5

Wheel 6

To remove heavy metals and raise the frequency of food, use the following:

  • Wheels 1-3
  • Wheel 4, The Clock of Spirit from the Hidden Realms
  • Wheel 5, The Lemurian Clock of the Depth of Living
  • Wheel 5 is placed on the bottom. Next, place Wheels 4, then 3, 2, and 1 on top of each other to create a stack. Wheel 1 should be on the top.

To remove radiation from food:

  • Place Wheel 6 on the very bottom of the stack, under Wheel 5.
  • Wheel 6, The Clock of Light, removes radiation and of the 6 wheels, it is the only one that works on a physical level.


3. Spagyric Homeopathic Protocol[1] – was developed by Almine for students that had been exposed to radiation. This protocol was developed during a 5-year period in which she mapped out healing sequences of the body; picked up from food and environmental stressors. Almine recommends the following abbreviated treatment protocol.

Radiation detoxification:

Radinex – available in 100 ml bottles.

Heavy metals detoxification homeopathic products:

Itires, Apo-Hepat, Opsonat – available in 100 ml bottles

Toxex – available in 50 ml bottles

Pekana Homeopathic order form can be downloaded, here.
Pekana product descriptions, prices and ordering details can be downloaded, here.

Special note: If you have received medical radiation treatment, the entire comprehensive 5- month program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2] which includes a 2-hour audio lecture by Almine, is recommended.

Conclusion of Almine’s Address

It is definitely preferable to have a bio dentist remove amalgam fillings after 3 months of being on the purification program and to continue for at least 2 months after removal of fillings. Mercury is the most toxic element known to man, and should be replaced by composite fillings. The dentist should be consulted to find composite fillings with the least cadmium content. However, research suggests that it is when fillings containing cadmium are drilled that the dust from the grinding puts the patient most at risk.

[1] Order Spagyric homeopathic products through our office, 877-552-5646 toll-free in US. Products are mailed directly from our distributor within US only.

[2] The 5-month program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, with a 2-hour audio lecture by Almine is available on

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