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Head and Neck Pain

Q. I have been having headaches for a while now, along with a feeling of ’emptiness and achiness’ in my head. My neck muscles are tense, I am grinding my teeth and unable to relax to sleep properly. Please help!

A. The symptoms you describe may be due to a misalignment of the upper cervical spine. It has been noted that people may experience rotation or subluxation[1] of the upper cervical spine even during the birth process. Treatment by a NUCCA chiropractor  (who specialize in the adjustment of the atlas and axis) may bring relief. The focus of NUCCA work is the functional relationship between the upper cervical area, the central nervous system, the brain stem and the achieving optimal health.

You may find a NUCCA practitioner near you by visiting their national website here.

[1] Subluxation refers to a partial or complete dislocation of spinal vertebrae. This structural misalignment of the spine may affect the central nervous system and corresponding organs.