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The Seven Bodies of Man – Physicality and Beyond

Q. What is the meaning of the assemblage point? Does it have anything to do with our chakra system or acupuncture meridians?

A. Let’s talk about the Seven Bodies of Man…

Beyond the physical body, we have light bodies that are connected to the seven chakras. Before our seven chakras open, the mental body, which is connected to the ego, stands guard to block the information of the three higher spiritual bodies. The three spiritual bodies are the ones containing the blueprint for the full potential of our life. Clearing the debris from the chakras and forming a unified field gives us access to this blueprint. We then receive information from all our bodies. The five light bodies that surround the physical body alternate between being masculine (linear) and feminine (flowing fields). They mimic the dimensions, with the outer-most one (the seventh body) and the physical body being neutral. (See the illustration below  – “The Seven Bodies of Man”.)

7 Bodies of Man Identity-Consciousness with text

Understanding the Seven Bodies

1. Physical Body: The physical body is the anchoring point for our Higher Self to explore the mystery of our being within physicality. It is highly susceptible to programming transmitted through touch for several minutes after birth. It holds the memories of this and other lives.

2. Etheric or Astral Body: The majority of karma, which is a constriction in the universal energy flow formed by incorrect perception, is held in the astral body. Only a small portion is in the physical body. It consists of bluish lines of light. It produces the acupuncture points and the major and minor chakras by the energy lines crossing each other. Where they cross 7 times is an acupuncture point, 13 times is a minor chakra point and 20 times is a major chakra point. This body is linear and is located an inch out from the physical body.

3. Emotional body: Is the auric field. Past trauma is held in the first three bodies – the physical, astral and emotional bodies. Therefore, as we overcome our past and balance our sub-personalities,[1] this becomes clearer. This body is a flowing field,that extends about 14 inches out from the physical body.

4. Mental Body: As we balance the three minds, including the left and right brains, the mental body ceases to block access to the higher bodies. This linear body is located about 14 inches out from the body.

5. Spiritual Emotional Body: Access to this body allows us to live in eternal time, which aligns us with the intent of the Infinite. This body is a flowing field that extends about 19 inches out from the physical body.

6. Spiritual Mental Body: Information within this body contains specifics regarding the blueprint for this lifetime. When access to this body is achieved, we start to see from a cosmic perspective. We begin to see the innocence and value of each life as it mirrors to the Infinite either what it is or what it is not. We see there is no guilt so all judgment effortlessly dissolves. This body is linear and s located about 19 inches out from the physical body.

7. Spirit Body: It is trillions of little light fibers of light radiating out in all directions from the life-force center[2]. Every living creature within the cosmos has a band of awareness among these light fibers within our spirit body. That is why we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Shamans use this body to shape shift into animals or other forms, in addition to accessing parallel realities. They move a point of illumination called the assemblage point located an arm’s length behind the heart and a little bit to the right. This body is a linear field radiating out from the center to an arm’s length from the physical body.

The assemblage point is on the outer rim of the seventh light

body (spirit body) and is an illuminated spot that determines

which reality we are in. If that point moves, this universe,

which seems solid, disappears and another reality assembles.

It is as though we have accessed different holographic

experiences. A slight movement of the assemblage point puts

us in an altered state, such as in meditation.


With practice, we can go into a temporary meditative state,

even if we are just going to the end of the garden to get the

mail. It is a temporary disconnecting of the clamor of left

brain that allows pure information from higher realms to shed

light on the situation and give us accurate information about the unknown.

~ Almine

Excerpt from A Life of Miracles

[1] See the role of sub-personalities in the book A Life of Miracles.

[2] The life-force center is a ball of white light about the size of a grapefruit that in May

2007, moved from the navel center to the heart center in all humanity.

Body Piercings and Interrupted Meridians

Q. What is your recommendation if people have pierced their ears or have other body piercings? It sees that some piercings grow closed and some do not.  What can be done for interrupted meridians in the ears?

A. Henna Flower and Rose oil combined in equal parts, rubbed into the ears for 30 consecutive days is the recommendation. If there are multiple piercings, the oils should be used for 60 days on each area. This is the amount of time that is required to re-program a part of the body.


Fragrance Alchemy offers assorted sets of essential oils in 2 ml. sample sizes, including sets for Clearing the 12 Main Meridians of the Body, Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians of the Body and Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body.

The Healing Power of Therapeutic Oils

Scientists have proven that of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful in helping us recall events from the past. This recall occurs almost instantaneously, as does the healing effect of oils designed for therapeutic purposes. The other senses (sight, hearing, touch and taste) became predominantly outer senses, as inner vision etc., dwindled.

The mystical properties of the olfactory sense are related to the way that it works on a subtle level with internal and external space, even though the inner stimulation cannot be interpreted cognitively, since mind as an interpretation device developed after the fall. The fall of consciousness began when inner and outer space divided, as the individual saw himself as separate from his environment – the beginning of death and disease and the inability to discern subtle information. The correct alchemical fragrances facilitate the healing of this division.


Both masculine and feminine fragrances are available at Fragrance Alchemy; also featured are sets of oils complete with instructions for their specific healing modalities and clearing of meridians including:

Clearing the 12 Main Meridians

Divinity Quest for DNA Activation

Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body

Sample Set – Feminine

Sample Set – Masculine

Sample Set – Full



Questions About Meridian Clearing

Question:  I am using Fragrance Alchemy for the 12 Meridians to heal blockages. Would you advise the use of a pendulum to assist with assessing blockages in meridians?
Answer: Pendulums are too easily influenced by cosmic changes, self-interference and other variables. Muscle testing is better.

Question: What would be the expected time period to see some results with use of the Fragrance Alchemy oils and 12 meridian clearing process?
Answer: For clearing the 12 meridians, one month 3 times a week would be realistic. This constitutes 12 clearings altogether. For cases of childhood trauma as well as sexual abuse: 2 months, 3 times a week is a reasonable period of time to expect results.



Positive, Negative and Neutral Aspects of Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

We post a question from a student in Denmark about the use of Egyptian Fragrance Alchemy oils and the meridians. Thank you Malene for your question!

Q. Would you recommend use of only 1 fragrance per day – such as 12 days consecutive use of the negative, the positive and the neutral aspect of each meridian? (Note: each meridian has it’s own corresponding oil and a negative, positive and neutral point for application of the oil. Each of the points corresponds to an emotion that is either negative, neutral or positive in its expression or lack of expression.) See this post, “Healing Emotions with Meridians” for details on the qualities of the aspects.

A. You can absolutely focus on 1 fragrance and do 12 days for the neutral, 12 days for the negative, and 12 days for the positive merdiain points if you choose.The beauty of using these highly effective, yet gentle and wonderful smelling oils is you can’t go wrong with the combination or the length when you treat yourself. You will know when there’s a difference. Many report that things seems to move in layers as they use the oils one day after the other.

Healing Emotions with Fragrance Alchemy Part 2

We refer you to a few previous posts which are specific to healing with Fragrance Alchemy and the meridians of the body. See Releasing Birth Trauma with Rose Oil, posted on July 24, 2013 and Healing Emotions with Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy posted on July 28, 2013.

We wish to clarify the following: Due to the many requests we have received for the sigils used for Releasing Birth Trauma with our special alchemically formulated Rose oil, we present them here along with the meridian chart and the directions (also given on the post of July 24, mentioned above). The sigils that are used with the Rose oil and the meridian locations can be used by anyone, not only by Belvaspata masters (see more about Belvaspata angelic healing and initiations here).

To view images full size or to download for printing – click here.



What are sigils and how do they work, you might ask? You can read more about sigils in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1 or Volume 2 and purchase these books on the book section of our webstore. For your reference we post an excerpt from Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 2, pages 8 and 9 of the paper version – you can read the first 15 pages of this book free here!

Symbols versus Sigils
A symbol represents something, whereas a sigil describes something. When someone sees a BMW or a Mercedes symbol, it represents upper middle-class vehicles of quality and distinction. On the other hand, the symbol for a Rolls Royce or Bentley represents elite vehicles that speak of a privileged lifestyle of dignity and wealth.

So much is deduced just from one symbol. A Rolls Royce evokes images of walled estates, chauffeurs, enough and accustomed money where the symbol of a Ferrari will speak of more flamboyant taste.

Whereas symbols are common in our everyday world, the use of sigils is virtually forgotten. Even in mystery schools, their hidden knowledge eludes most mystics. Throughout the cosmos all beings of expanded awareness utilize sigils and it is only a few left-brain oriented races that use symbols such as those in alphabets. An example would be the word ‘LOVE’ where we have combined four symbols (letters representing certain sounds) to make one symbol (the word that represents a feeling). But love is one of the building blocks of the cosmos, like space or energy*. It can also represent many different nuances within the emotion of love (which is the desire to include) and much other dysfunctionality and degrees of need we mistakenly call ‘love’.

As we can see, the symbol or word can be very misleading since what it represents to one may not be what it represents to another. The sigil for love describes the quality or frequency of what is meant. It maps out the exact frequency of the emotion.

The sigil for someone’s name would do the same. As the person or being rises in frequency, the sigil will change to reflect that. In the case of angels, even their names change…

Having someone’s sigil is like having that person’s phone number. Sigils not only describe what they represent, but are a means to communicate with what they represent.

*Discussed in Journey to the Heart of God, “The True Nature of the Seven Directions”.


Healing Emotions with Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. What is the meaning of the time frames associated with the negative, neutral and positive aspect of each meridian?

Since the directions don’t state right or left foot wrist, for example, does it matter which we side we treat?

Also, do we massage the oil into the meridian for the full time of the treatment of a partiuclar meridian or just a few seconds?

A. Thank you for your very relevant questions. Here is Almine’s explanation:
“The meridians are receptive during the suggested time frames, but the healing of the meridians can really be done at any time.

The negative aspect of guilt would be an introverted response to it. An example of this would be self-reproach, self-loathing and agonizing over past deeds. The positive aspect of guilt would try and suppress it by overcompensating through extravagant gestures, or by trying to blame others. As you can see, the positive aspect is a more extroverted response to a negative emotion. The neutral area of guilt can exist of dealing with it in any way at all. It could be so suppressed, that the only sign of its presence may be the dialogue of the mind that keeps it below the surface. One could describe the neutral aspect of a negative emotion as being in denial or unconscious. It does not matter which side of the body you treat, however, I would personally tend to favor the right if the emotion is acted out positively, and the left when it turns inward upon itself. For the neutral aspect, I would choose either side.

The massaging can be done just for a few seconds because the primary element is the fragrance on the meridian point, and not the massaging. In fact, in ancient Egyptian texts it is suggested that there not be more than a few seconds of massaging in the anointing of a body.”

For more details about Fragrance Alchemy and the meridians, see our post of June 27, 2013, “Improving Health through Fragrance Alchemy“.

Improving Health through Fragrance Alchemy

Q. Is there any healing protocol available to work on unconscious or subconscious issues – including non-physical issues?

A. Krihanash Belvaspata specifically works on healing the soul level through the use of fragrance alchemy oils that clear the 12 major meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. Belvaspata is the angelic healing modality of light and frequency – you can read more about it here on our Belvaspata home site.

Below you can find the oil and the main meridian of the body that it corresponds to. The correct acupressure points for the 12 different meridians are included in the book, along with the sigils and alchemical equations but for now, you can easily research the major meridians on the internet. To determine which meridian that would be beneficial for you to work with, find the symptoms which seem to represent your major issues.

Note: It is not required to use the oils during the exact times mentioned below – they are the optimal times, but not essential. Rub the oil into the meridian point for some benefit. To experience the most complete benefits of this healing protocol, we recommend the use of the sigils which will be given in the Krihanash Belvaspata manual, due out prior to the end of 2013. Look for mention of its arrival on our newsletter (you can sign up on our home website) or see Spiritual Journeys webstore paper and e-book sections.

  • Lung meridian: Neroli. Optimum healing time is from 3 am to 5 am. Symptoms are grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness.
  • Large intestines meridian: Jasmine. Optimum healing time is from 5 am to 7 am. Symptoms are guilt, remorse, disappointment and opposition to change.
  • Stomach meridian: Sandalwood. Optimum healing time is from 7 am to 9 am. Symptoms are shame or blame, disgust and greed.
  • Spleen meridian: Goddess Blend (primary ingredient is fuchsia). Optimum healing time is from 9 am to 11 am. Symptoms are worry, anxiety about the future, self-destructiveness and mood swings.
  • Heart meridian: Rose. Optimum healing time is from 11 am to 1 pm. Symptoms are joylessness, anger, self-pity and neediness.
  • Small intestine meridian: Lotus. Optimum healing time is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Symptoms are insecurity, sadness, feelings of abandonment and feeling unheard.
  • Bladder meridian: Flower of Saffron. Optimum healing time is from  3 pm to 5 pm. Symptoms are fright or shock, impatience, restlessness and feeling unfulfilled.
  • Kidney meridian: Narcissus. Optimum healing time is from 5 pm to 7 pm. Symptoms are fear, indecision, loss and injustice.
  • Circulation meridian: Henna. Optimum healing time is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Symptoms are emotional injury, addiction, jealousy and regret.
  • Thyroid meridian: Oud Oil/God Blend. Optimum healing time is from  9 pm to 11 pm. Symptoms are suicidal tendencies, hopelessness, depression and despair.
  • Galbladder meridian: Patchouli. Optimum healing time is from 11pm to 1 am. Symptoms are rage, impotence, stagnation, stuckness and self-importance.
  • Liver meridian: Gardenia. Optimum healing time is from 1 am to 3 am. Protectiveness, need to save, phobias (misdirected terror) and obsessiveness.