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Heavy Metals Accumulating in the Body

Facts about Heavy Metals in the Body: Almine Answers Questions Regarding Heavy Metal Toxicity

1. Aluminum:
Common sources of aluminum include aluminum cookware, especially coffee pots, some antacid formulations, and some types of cosmetics-especially deodorants. Some colloidal minerals and herbal products may also have aluminum in them. Aluminum cookware is particularly problematic if acidic foods, such as anything with a tomato base, are cooked in them.

2. Cadmium:
Cadmium toxicity symptoms affect kidney function, heart and cardiovascular tissues, bone, and will cause nervousness in the system, hypertension. Zinc and vitamin E will help to lessen toxicity, but without intervention, it could stay in the human body in excess of 20 years. Cadmium can come from plastics, and synthetic rubber, including old drums from some copy machines. Cadmium ‘Red’ is used in dental acrylics (and dentures) and could be a significant source of exposure for those making dentures or dentists making adjustments (grinding dentures in their office). Cadmium free dentures are now available. The question arises as to whether acrylics used in the mouth are preferable to mercury (amalgam fillings); the answer is a resounding yes. Mercury is the most toxic element known to man. It is inconceivable that it should be used in the mouth.

3. Lead:
Lead is primarily ingested through contaminated food or water, or by children eating substances containing lead, such as lead paint. The degree of absorption of oral lead depends upon the stomach contents (empty stomachs increase uptake), and upon the body’s mineral status. Deficiency of zinc, calcium or iron may increase lead uptake. It is also found in fuels and some Ayurvedic herbs.

4. Mercury:
Mercury is an immuno-suppressive. Early signs of excessive mercury include decreased senses of touch, hearing, vision, and taste, metallic taste in the mouth, fatigue, or lack of physical endurance, and increased salivation. Mercury is commonly used in dental amalgams (50% by weight). It should be clearly understood that the removal of amalgam fillings could produce more toxicity in the body than when they were actually put in the mouth. A biological (‘bio’) dentist, familiar with the removal of mercury, while treating the body to excrete the resulting increase in levels of toxicity, shouldbe used. The purification program that we have given should also precede the removal of the amalgam fillings (treatment is recommended prior to, during and after removal of fillings). See the Mercury –Fish Levels Guide here.

Prior to amalgam removal, Almine recommends:

  1. Renal (kidney) function blood test
  2. Use of the 5-month Pekana homeopathic and diet protocol. See this post for more details on this program; also our Spiritual Journeys webstore to purchase, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease.


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