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The Gateway to Feminine Creational Codes

During a recent Shamanic Woman’s Retreat* held at Almine’s beautiful home on the magnificent coast of Oregon, a new Fragrance Alchemy scent was received and created by Almine. It is known as The Goddess Blend and contains several oils with a main note of fuchsia flowers (several students at the retreat had visions of the color fuchsia).

The scent is associated with The Wheel of the Rhino’s Gate, received and drawn by Almine on a Livestream event, click here to view. The Wheel of the Rhino’s Gate and The Goddess Blend oil are tools that assist with the balanced and full expression of the feminine creational codes, located at the base of the spine; place a few drops of the oil there to stimulate the qualities of the gate.¬† The wheel can be printed and laminated¬† – it is recommend to store the oil upon it to keep it fully charged with the feminine creational codes.


Click here to download the PDF of the Wheel of the Rhino’s Gate

The Goddess Blend will be complimented by a masculine oil yet to be received for The Lion’s Gate, associated with the pineal gland. All Fragrance Alchemy oils now available are located here.

The Goddess Blend will be available to everyone very soon!

Please note: due to popular demand, a 3rd Shamanic Woman’s Retreat will be held in September 2013, click here for more details.