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Holiday HoHums?

Q. Here we are in the midst of the holiday season and while everyone else seems to feel happy and bright, for me it is usually a time of feeling sadness and depression, which often leads to overeating (basically, stuffing my feelings). Any suggestions?

A. Your question is appreciated, as there are many who feel as you do but don’t express it and just try to get through things as best they can.

We can make several recommendations.

  • PSY-stabil is a Pekana[1] homeopathic remedy for the treatment of nervous irritability, stress and anxiety, which may result in depression from overwhelm. The recommended dosage is 20 drops at least twice a day, 1 hour before or after meals. It may be taken up to every 4 hours while awake for severe symptoms. Use plastic dosing spoon, no metal.
  • The heart has to do with giving love. Drawing love from the limitless supply of the universe, it should flow out through our heart. If we close our heart because of fear or from not being fully present in our body, then we begin to give energy from our life force center. This depletes us.

In order to insulate ourselves from this drain of energy, a layer of fat could build up around the solar plexus (stomach area). Lightworkers frequently have this layer of fat as an attempt to protect their energy source. People who suffered childhood abuse may use fat to insulate themselves from other people.

It is important to live fully in the body. Many people have suffered childhood[2] sexual abuse and learned to leave the body when things got unpleasant. If we don’t stay in the body and feel, then the heart center remains closed and we cannot fulfill our highest calling on this planet.

Excerpt from Life of Miracles.

[1] Pekana remedies can be ordered through our office 1-877-552-5646 toll-free in US. Remedies can be shipped anywhere within the US.

[2] See Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body on Fragrance Alchemy. Your Fragrance Alchemy Set purchase includes oils and a booklet of instructions for the use of the specific oil set.

The Experience of Pain and Sensitivity

Is there a reason that lightworkers are so sensitive to everything?

Q. Why are lightworkers so sensitive to everything, instead of not being immune to everything? Why can’t we eat anything we want? Why is it set this way if we are fluid?

A. We really do not properly understand disease and discomfort. It is not just something to fight against, but something to cooperate with. Pain* is felt differently as one moves into higher stages of evolution – something my 13-year old often questions me about. When she bumps her head, it doesn’t hurt, it is just felt as pressure. If we assume that pain must be felt the old way, it still will be. It is there to prompt us to what areas of life we need to express and what insights we need to see.There is however the knowledge needed that once we have seen it, it’s no longer necessary for the symptoms to persist. We do not need to feel them in the acutely uncomfortable way that we used to.

So the bottom line is, disease and pain, as far as I know, do not go away as long as we retain some form of physicality. Without physicality, many of the pleasures of life are not there, and the ability of certain perceptual functions ceases to exist as well. It simply becomes like a changing chord in the music that prompts the dancer to move in a different way.

*See the “Language of Pain” in Handbook for Healers on our SJ webstore.