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Establishing a Healthy Bodily Terrain

Bodies with too much alkalinity, as experienced by those who are on improperly balanced raw diets, can be as painful and achy as those whose bodies are too acidic. Since the latter are by far in the majority, we will focus primarily on over-acidic bodies. The pain of acidosis becomes especially aggravated in lightseekers as their con­sciousness heightens and the health of the bodily terrain lags behind.

Viruses, hostile bacteria, fungus and parasites all thrive in an acid­ic bodily terrain. Almost all people have some or all of the above in their systems. It has taken five years of personal research to find the most effective and lasting method to establish and maintain a healthy, pH balanced bodily terrain. The program takes about five months to rectify what decades of sugar and carbohydrate-laden meals of im­properly combined foods have produced. Although it is beyond the scope of this book to go into the depths of the comprehensive multi-faceted purification program, we will give you the resources needed:

1. Study the list of symptoms and the information given in the Appendix II of this book to determine whether hormone re­placement therapy, steroids, birth-control pills and antibiotics[1]  have caused an over-growth of fungus in the gastro-intestinal system, affecting your skin, hair, weight, etc.

2. Read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. It is the absolute foundation for healthful eating, food combining and pH balanc­ing (the acid/alkaline ratio) through food.

3. The information given in the two-hour audio presentation, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2], combined with the Purification Program given in Appendix I (and footnote 2), will provide you with the information to make a tremendous change in the health of your body.


An excerpt from the book Secrets of Rejuvenation by Almine.

[1] Found in meat products purchased in stores.

[2] Available under Purification and Detoxification Program I and II on

Allergy Season All Year Round

My daughter is so sensitive to cats that even being in a room with someone who has been around cats makes her sneeze! She recently broke out in hives during a tutoring session because her tutor had on a sweater she had worn while petting her cat. Besides the obvious allergy testing, what else do you suggest?

A compromised immune system brought on by allergies needs to be restored. Use of the following Pekana homeopathic[1] remedies can be helpful in restoring health and balance. Follow dosage and other remedy guidelines as provided on the bottle(s) or as given in How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2] by Almine.

Important: When using these remedies, take them either one hour before or after food and always use plastic spoons or cups for dosing (do not use metal spoons).

  • Apo-Hepat: assists to rebuild the liver and support the immune system.
  • Proaller: may be taken 5 to 6 times a day, 3 to 4 hours apart for acute symptoms of allergy and immune system fatigue resulting from allergies; otherwise use 3–4 times per day.
  • Itires: supports the lymph system and may be used for lymph congestion and problems in the nose, throat and lungs. Use the homeopathic remedy 20 drops, three or four times a day.

Other suggestions

Remove other stressors from the environment such as phenols found in almost all perfumed products, soaps, shampoos etc. Eliminate smoke, caffeine and other substances in your environment as well as mold and mildew.

Animal dander is often problematic. If you choose to own a pet be meticulous about where it sleeps and bathe the pet often to remove dander and loose hair, vacuum frequently and avoid the use of carpets in the home.

Allergies represent irritation. Look at the foods or things in your environment that irritate or have become intolerable to you. If there are problems with other people, the book Journey to the Heart of God has relevant information on conflict resolution.

This information is an excerpt from Handbook for Healers, A-Z section.


[1] Pekana remedies can be ordered and shipped within the U.S. by calling our office at 1-877-552-5646.

[2] Available now at in a revised 2nd edition Ebook/pdf format. The paperback edition will be available soon.

Help with Fatigue and more

Help! I am experiencing many diverse health challenges, (including but not limited to) extreme fatigue, headaches, nervousness, bloated stomach and insomnia. I’d like to detox and get healthy as quickly as possible. What do you advise?

Almine replies: Many people, including healthcare professionals and other types of healers, are frustrated by the results from standard detoxification programs for the situation you describe, (as well as for their chronically and systemically ill clients).

The reason for this is that an effective treatment is likely to catapult someone into a healing crisis, exacerbating (worsening) symptoms, rather than alleviating them. The person has most likely taken years to arrive at this chronic condition, with multiple systems becoming affected and toppling over like dominoes. The need to right these dominoes in a specific order, for instance clearing the excretionary pathways and the immune system before detoxifying, is essential.

The use of our Chronic Disease detoxification program[1] in conjunction with the regimen given in the  accompanying 2-hour audio, is highly effective and anyone can use it for thorough cleansing, detoxification and purification of the body.

Recommended in the book is a variation on an elimination diet (The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates) or you can follow your own simple ‘elimination’ diet of lean chicken and fish (or high quality vegetarian protein sources), plus lots of green vegetables. What to ‘eliminate’?  In brief – read labels to avoid sugar/high-fructose corn syrup sweeteners[2], no fresh/canned or dried fruits which are high in sugar and molds, refined flours, yeast products, fermented foods, high glycemic carbohydrates and vegetables (corn, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes). What’s left? Lean meat or good vegetarian protein sources and fresh vegetables, plus drinking lots of pure water! This program is helpful for women preparing for pregnancy and for anyone wishing to get rid of a lifetime of bodily debris.



[1] How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease paper book and 2-hour audio lecture/MP3 download, also available in eBook and audio/MP3 download.

[2] Stevia may be used for a healthful sweetener.


Digestion and Nutrition

Q. I seem to be having more stomach upsets than usual; even foods that I was able to eat before are now bothering me. Do you have any ideas of what might be the problem?

A. Ask yourself if you are having more stress for any reason, even stopping to ‘take inventory’ may have positive benefits. Stress affects our entire body as is well known – including our digestion and sleep patterns and our emotional wellbeing. Eating habits affect our digestion: eating after 6 or 7 pm does not allow enough time to digest your meal prior to sleep; especially avoid spicy and rich foods eaten late at night. The combination of lying down flat and our reduced metabolic rate during sleep wreaks havoc with undigested food in our stomachs and can even contribute to the development of acid reflux. Avoid drinking large amounts of beverages with meals (especially iced beverages). The volume of liquids dilutes stomach acid and the cold temperature slows down the chemical reactions of digestion. Suggestions: Drink warm peppermint tea for indigestion, upset stomach and stomachaches. Ginger tea is good for nausea.

The Body Ecology Diet book (by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz) is recommended in Almine’s book and 2-hour audio lecture, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease. The ‘BED’ book teaches the principles of food combination to restore the bodily terrain, making it inhospitable to viral and bacterial infections, parasites and viruses. The book is an excellent resource for everyone who wishes to improve their diet and digestion, and especially for those that suffer from chronic or regularly occurring gastric upset.  It may seem ‘normal’ for everyone to have colds, but it is not. Many people only experience rapidly passing, mild colds or no colds at all. Undigested food becomes tomorrow’s food allergies and health conditions.

Simple guidelines that to follow for improved digestion include:

Replace dairy with unsweetened almond milk and sweeten with stevia if desired.

If you use dairy products, eat them away from other foods as they slow down
the digestion when combined with other foods.

Avoid eating fruit with any other food. Like milk, eat fruit alone.

Avoid combining protein and carbohydrates together in the same meal.
As each food group requires a different process and time for digestion,
eating them at the same time means that neither group is digested properly.

Small children are unable to digest heavy oils and even olive oil is
too heavy. Use coconut butter, not oil or ghee (clarified butter) for cooking.
Use cold-pressed flaxseed oil for salad dressings.

An excerpt from Handbook for Healers, “Encyclopedia of A-Z”section.

I Feel Like I Am Slowly Dying

Q. I feel like I am slowly dying and don’t know what to do about it –  I feel overwhelmed. Can you help me?

A. After taking a careful look at your situation, we would say that you have an extreme case of fungal growth in your system. What feels like you “slowly dying” is the spreading of the fungus inside your gastrointestinal tract. The answer is to follow the 5-month protocol as given in How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here. It includes recommendations for use of “The Body Ecology Diet”, by Donna Gates and the use of Pekana remedies, along with the angelic healing sigils of Belvaspata. You can read more about Belvaspata here.

Can Depression Be Due to Food Allergies?

Q. My stomach really hurts. For days I have only been eating rice. I have a history of inflammation. When the weather is damp, my body hurts and I become depressed and don’t want to live. It passes within a day or a few hours. I also have a list of food allergies. If I eat them, I get inflammations in my joints. If I eat gluten, my stomach and intestines can swell up and I also get feelings of not wanting to live. What can I do to improve my situation?

A. Vitamin C and B vitamins are not being absorbed properly due to the fact that you need to follow the entire Chronic Disease protocol (see more about this 5-month purification and detoxification program here). I recommend that you have Psy-stabil[1] (the homeopathic remedy for anxiety, mood swings, etc) on hand at all times and take it every day for at least 2 months.

You have a lot of allergies. You must build up your system (through the progressive healing approach of the 5-month healing program) or the allergies will persist.  The reason you feel so depressed is systemic and medically/physically based – not from mental health.


[1] Pekana remedies can be ordered through our office, call 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in the US.


Acne Management

Q. What can I do about the acne that is appearing on my daughter’s neck and shoulders?  It seems to possibly be caused by the oils in her hair as she sometimes gets an outbreak on her face also – in the area of her long bangs.

A. Several options for treating this condition are:

  • Push water intake, with at least 4 bottles (8 ounces each) minimum per day. My daughter likes it when I squeeze ½ lemon and 1 dropper of stevia (w/out alcohol preservative) into her water. It’s like no-calorie lemonade!
  • Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel (not juice) can be spread over areas that come in contact with the hair. It creates a protective film, allowing the acne to heal and prevents contact with the hair.
  • Itires has proven to be a wonderful aid for acne, as most acne problems stem from poor lymph flow (Itires stimulates the lymph). The dosage is 15-20 drops, 3-4 times per day, at least 30 minutes away from meals (the lower dosage is for 130 pounds weight or less). Avoid the use of metal utensils or containers with the Pekana spagyric homeopathics.


See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease package here.  Included are the manual and Almine’s 2-hour audio lecture in MP3 download format. The audio details the development of chronic health conditions and provides a step-by-step process for the restoration of health that many have found beneficial.

Acute and Chronic Diarrhea

Q. I have constant diarrhea. What can I do?

A. First of all, try Okoubaka, a Pekana[1] spagyric homeopathic remedy, which treats acute diarrhea and gasterointestinal (GI) tract infections – especially those caused by contaminated foods. It is also treats gastroenteritis and general intestinal infections, stimulating the excretion of toxins from the GI tract and other organs, including Candida albicans. If the diarrhea is caused by a parasite, treat that condition separately with the addition of Pekana Helmin anti-parasite remedy.

Pekana remedies were first developed and are still manufactured in Germany. They are considered by many authorities to be the purest and most effective type of homeopathic formulations. The spagyric method of preparation strives to maintain the vital energy of the medicinal plants as much as possible while avoiding the detrimental side effects of allopathic drugs.

Benefits of Pekana remedies

  • Acceleration of the body’s immune response
  • Stimulation of the production of vital enzymes
  • Natural anti-microbial  action
  • Assists damaged organs to function efficiently and to release toxins

Dosage: Take Pekana remedies 30 minutes away from meals. Use plastic spoons or a small cup to dose; avoid the use of metal utensils or containers with all Pekana spagyric homeopathic remedies. Note: A single or multiple remedies may be added to a very small amount of water per dose.


  • Adults

10 drops every hour for acute conditions

15-20 drops, x3-4 per day

  • School children (5-6 years of age)

10-15 drops, x3-4 per day


See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here – it includes Almine’s 2-hour audio lecture in MP3 download format, which details the development of chronic health conditions and the restoration of health through a prescribed treatment method that many have benefitted from.

[1] See the Pekana Order form here on our Handbook for Healers website. Pekana products may be ordered from our Spiritual Journeys office at 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in the US. Since the year 2000 the Pekana company has been GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), demonstrating worldwide acknowledgement of quality assurance. In 2008 the Pekana company was successfully inspected by the American health authority, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Answers for Sleep Disturbances

We hope you find the following Q&A from our readers helpful and beneficial.

Q. What is your point of view on using melatonin in order to help one sleep?

A. Melatonin is very helpful for short-term (a few weeks) use,  to help someone during a time of extreme stress on the body or acute crisis in their environment. Sleep is necessary to help us cope on all levels. I would personally recommend 10 mg of time-released melatonin. It is advisable to obtain melatonin that has vitamin B6 added.


Q. Why do I have night sweats?

A. Night sweats can occur for several different reasons:

Allergies: You could be eating something for your evening meal that is causing an adrenal response that manifests a few hours later, when you are already asleep.  This is usually accompanied by an increased heart rate and mild to severe panic attacks. This can be tested for by muscle testing various foods, or a more thorough method is to consult with an allergist who uses non-invasive techniques of testing for allergies. There are many types of equipment available that can measure the allergic response in the body without puncturing the skin. Puncturing of the skin in allergy testing is mostly helpful in determining the degree of the allergy so that the biggest offenders can be eliminated. The use of serum under the tongue is an answer to this particular cause of night sweats.

Heavy metals: This test should be done through urinalysis, collected over a 12-hour period. This is normally done following an intravenous challenge to chelate out the metals. Naturopathic clinics often practice this technique. The alternative would be hair analysis – an ounce of hair taken from the nape of the neck.

Hormonal Imbalances: It is recommended that hormone levels be tested with saliva for the different types of estrogen in the body and that levels be balanced with plant-based hormonal creams and retested after 3-4 months.


Q. Why am I not sleeping deeply?

A. If you are not absorbing nutrition properly from your diet, lack of amino acids could produce the effect of not falling asleep easily, sleeping shallowly and not being able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. When you lack tryptophan, found in turkey and walnuts, your sleep is not deep, peaceful and easy. Another amino acid that plays an important role in sleep is cysteine, which supports the immune system-and restful sleep that results in feeling refreshed upon awakening. It is often necessary to heal the lining of the intestines that have been abraded by hostile grains, infiltrated by overgrowth of fungus (which is called Candiasis, and is an unacknowledged pandemic world-wide). We highly recommend the Chronic Disease program here for a long-term solution.

Calcium is often in excess when natural salt is not being used. The reason for this is that the body searches for salt, taking it out of the gallbladder, and resulting in gall stones and crystallizations – or it is taken out of the bones which floods the body with calcium and upsets the calcium/magnesium ratio. This can show up as an irregular heartbeat as well as constipation. A chelated magnesium supplement is recommended. For all the above reasons, heart irregularities often accompany night sweats. Often it is simply a matter of having more magnesium to balance the calcium that is in your system that has been taken from your bones. Only use natural sea salt – the other types are unavailable for assimilation.

Hair Loss Help

Q. Over the years, I’ve experienced hair loss that no one seems to be able to help with – is there any hope for this situation?

A. Hair loss is usually the end result of a series of systems in the body that become dysfunctional. First of all, you mention that you use thyroid medication. This alone can be responsible for hair loss if the medication is incorrect or the dosage has not been properly tested and adjusted ongoing.  Heavy metal toxicity is also one of the key ingredients in causing hair to fall out. Radiation accumulation in the body (for instance, when children are allowed to sit too close to the television for hours a day), can also cause this to happen.

When fatty waste products such as hormones, birth control pills, steroids and your own imbalanced hormones build up in the body, it burdens the excretionary pathways such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, etc.  It is well known that excessive estrogen in a woman’s body thins the hair as well as all the other possible causes. The proper lymph flow is very important for healthy hair growth. Stress can be another factor in that it produces the stress hormone cortisol. This causes imbalance in the thyroid and the endocrine system and the whole system becomes imbalanced. The question then becomes how to set right these dominoes that have fallen over. Some of this depends on your ability to financially invest in aggressive treatment to assist in turning this condition around.

1. I can heartily recommend the Nevada Clinic (Las Vegas, Nevada) for a 2-3 day treatment. The rough estimate for an initial evaluation and treatment course with Dr. Olsen in this clinic is approximately $2,000.00. A few good, inexpensive hotels exist close by (the clinic will provide this information to you, our office can be contacted).  They thoroughly test the levels of heavy metals in the body through a 6-hour urine test and assist with recommending a program for their excretion. All systems of the body are thoroughly tested, including the interaction of the different organs as well as the functionality of the endocrine system. I feel very comfortable that any thyroid medication prescribed by Dr. Olsen  is going to be of the highest caliber and holistically planned as part of a comprehensive treatment program.  Allergies can also place the body under tremendous stress. An allergist is on staff to test and prepare serums to remove stressors from the body.

2. The 5- Month program for detoxification of the body as featured in the book,  How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, is designed to support the body where one system after another has fallen over and very firmly set it on the path to recovery. See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here.

Radinex can be added to this program in the 4th month when all the excretionary pathways are fully functional again. In Almine’s words, “If you are diligent with this program, after 2 months you will see tremendous improvement in your health, sleeping habits, state of well-being, etc. It is however, recommended that the full 5-month program be followed so that these conditions do not easily return.”

3. There is a $300 dollar product available that is a laser specifically designed to promote hair growth when it is used just minutes a day. I wish to point out that shampoos with chemicals, including sulfates, actually have components that cause hair loss. Using shampoos from the health food section and carefully checking labels is possibly the best.

If were to find myself in the position that you are in with long-term, gradual hair loss, I would do what I could to pursue the recommendations we have given here. The most comprehensive approach would be to incorporate all 3 of the above protocols.