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Healing and Fragrance Alchemy Answers

Q. I have been using the Fragrance Alchemy oils for clearing the emotions associated with the 12 Meridians. (See our post of July 28 Healing Emotions with Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy.) How quickly is it possible to begin to see results, or even a complete healing for others or ourselves? Do the oils help to more quickly bring the emotions to the surface for healing?

A. The oils work in layers of emotional clearing. If one is in a position of receiving treatment over a period of consecutive days, an intensive protocol would possibly consist of 7-10 days. If treating a client once a week, 2-3 months would work through all the layers (if the client is doing self-work, even 2-2.5 months would provide intensive treatment).

Q. How can we overcome external factors that cause blockages in our emotions such as our environment, other people or circumstances? These may be things that are beyond our control. Is it possible that others can impose their will on us, or tamper with us?

A. The truth is, if someone externally prevented us from expressing, blocking the bladder meridian for instance, we are still calling forth the situation ourselves, even if it’s just to learn not to put up with the unacceptable.

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