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Electro-magnetic Fields of Computers and Technical Devices

We have posted several questions and answers about detoxing from heavy metals and radiation. We are happy to answer the following question from a student which we just received and hope you find helpful. The question is in regards to Almine’s teenage daughter using alot of tech gadgets – computer, pad devices, cell phone, etc – as many of us do.

Q. In one of Almine’s YouTube videos, she talks about her teenage daughter being around alot of technology (computer, phone, tablet device, etc) and she recommends a product to rid the breast tissue of toxins related to this type of exposure.

A. We are exposed to many types of toxins in our environments (both indoors and out), such as exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) of all sorts, including our electronic devices. Also, we are exposed to heavy metals and radiation in our water, air and soil. We have explained that toxins, especially radiation, may accumulate in the breast tissue and also in the prostate gland – so both men and women are affected.

We highly recommend the homeopathic remedy, Radinex, which can be ordered using the Pekana homeopathic order form on this site; it includes the details required to place an order from our office for shipment within US. (Other sources may be available in Canada and Europe. Shipments are dependent upon health and customs regulations in each country.)

Radinex assists in elimination of radiation from the body and according to the product label assists with detoxifying “electro-magnetic frequencies from the connective tissue matrix”.

You may be interested in previous posts such as an assortment of articles on this site about heavy metal and radiation detox and the comprehensive information of the book and 2-hour audio lecture (MP3 download) by Almine titled How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease.

Hair Loss Help

Q. Over the years, I’ve experienced hair loss that no one seems to be able to help with – is there any hope for this situation?

A. Hair loss is usually the end result of a series of systems in the body that become dysfunctional. First of all, you mention that you use thyroid medication. This alone can be responsible for hair loss if the medication is incorrect or the dosage has not been properly tested and adjusted ongoing.  Heavy metal toxicity is also one of the key ingredients in causing hair to fall out. Radiation accumulation in the body (for instance, when children are allowed to sit too close to the television for hours a day), can also cause this to happen.

When fatty waste products such as hormones, birth control pills, steroids and your own imbalanced hormones build up in the body, it burdens the excretionary pathways such as the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, etc.  It is well known that excessive estrogen in a woman’s body thins the hair as well as all the other possible causes. The proper lymph flow is very important for healthy hair growth. Stress can be another factor in that it produces the stress hormone cortisol. This causes imbalance in the thyroid and the endocrine system and the whole system becomes imbalanced. The question then becomes how to set right these dominoes that have fallen over. Some of this depends on your ability to financially invest in aggressive treatment to assist in turning this condition around.

1. I can heartily recommend the Nevada Clinic (Las Vegas, Nevada) for a 2-3 day treatment. The rough estimate for an initial evaluation and treatment course with Dr. Olsen in this clinic is approximately $2,000.00. A few good, inexpensive hotels exist close by (the clinic will provide this information to you, our office can be contacted).  They thoroughly test the levels of heavy metals in the body through a 6-hour urine test and assist with recommending a program for their excretion. All systems of the body are thoroughly tested, including the interaction of the different organs as well as the functionality of the endocrine system. I feel very comfortable that any thyroid medication prescribed by Dr. Olsen  is going to be of the highest caliber and holistically planned as part of a comprehensive treatment program.  Allergies can also place the body under tremendous stress. An allergist is on staff to test and prepare serums to remove stressors from the body.

2. The 5- Month program for detoxification of the body as featured in the book,  How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, is designed to support the body where one system after another has fallen over and very firmly set it on the path to recovery. See How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease here.

Radinex can be added to this program in the 4th month when all the excretionary pathways are fully functional again. In Almine’s words, “If you are diligent with this program, after 2 months you will see tremendous improvement in your health, sleeping habits, state of well-being, etc. It is however, recommended that the full 5-month program be followed so that these conditions do not easily return.”

3. There is a $300 dollar product available that is a laser specifically designed to promote hair growth when it is used just minutes a day. I wish to point out that shampoos with chemicals, including sulfates, actually have components that cause hair loss. Using shampoos from the health food section and carefully checking labels is possibly the best.

If were to find myself in the position that you are in with long-term, gradual hair loss, I would do what I could to pursue the recommendations we have given here. The most comprehensive approach would be to incorporate all 3 of the above protocols.

Heavy Metal Chelation Treatment

One method of removing heavy metals from the body is chelation therapy. What sort of options are available?

Q. What is the best method for ridding the body of heavy metals, once testing shows high levels?

A. The different methods of chelation that are done through IV (intravenous) therapy are very effective but can become quite expensive since multiple treatments are needed. The imperative thing is, no matter what method you use to chelate out heavy metals, it will also chelate your minerals. It is necessary to do chelation every other day if you are using oral products, so that in between, mineral supplementation can be taken. Oral chelation methods are not the best, since it has been shown that the digestive system breaks them down before they can get the job done. High doses of vitamin C* are possibly one of the two best oral methods as well as chorella. Do not take them on the same day as they are contraindicated.  Other than IV chelation, suppositories to chelate the metals are the next best method. Be aware that you will possibly have to use them every other day for 2 ½-3 months, like all other methods, with vitamin and mineral supplementation in between.

*The ascorbate form of Vitamin C is recommended versus ascorbic acid form (the acid can irritate the stomach, especially at high doses).

Dental Materials and Toxicity

Materials and Toxicity
(Refer to “Recommended General Safety Measures” on this site to limit exposure during procedures, posted 2/16/13.)

• Composites and Other Materials
The least toxic dental materials are ceramic and gold. Composite fillings are made of tiny glass particles suspended in a resin (plastic) matrix. Most composite fillings are made of the petro-chemical bis-phenol which some research indicates leaches estrogen-like substances and disrupts hormones. Most ceramic and resin-based materials contain metals in the form of oxides (such as aluminum) or even heavy metals (such as cobalt, barium or cadmium). Dentures contain cadmium to make the gums have a nice pink color and for color stabilization.

Ceramic and porcelain materials as used for teeth are basically the same; with newest porcelain products being the most durable. Dental products may be of questionable safety but are chosen for their durability and aesthetic value with often little thought for their associated health risks in your mouth 24/7. Of special concern are dental adhesives or cements used for gluing crowns in place.

Porcelain crowns can wear down natural teeth as they may actually be harder and composite fillings may erode over time. You may also want to consider the option of replacing porcelain or ceramic fused over metal crowns (gold is the safest metal but others are mixtures of metals) with all porcelain crowns.

For extensive dental restoration including total removal of amalgam fillings with composite replacements, full mouth restoration with porcelain crowns, etc – the best advice is to seek out a dentist that is a qualified neuromuscular/orthodontic and cosmetic dentist to ensure the best look and function.

Bonding and cement agents used for crowns and composite filling material are of concern but choices may be limited. Check with your dentist or on the Internet for safe, qualified dentists and possible testing for sensitivity to dental materials.

Note: See Heavy Metal and Radiation detoxification information of our very first post of 2/14/13 here which includes a process to follow prior to having amalgam fillings removed.

Thyroid and Auto-Immune Disorders

Q. I have been diagnosed with Basedow’s disease*, which is an auto-immune disease which attacks the thyroid, manifesting for me as a hyper-active thyroid and rather important weight loss. What does the thyroid represent?

A. The thyroid represents the will, desire or ability to move forward in life. The thyroid is stimulated by marching music for example, as used in war to urge soldiers onward. When the throat chakra and the thyroid area become over-active, it is because we are in survival mode and we are in an emergency response to life rather than being able to totally surrender to life in trust and peace –we are very hyper in trying to drive ourselves forward. The fact that auto-immune symptoms are attached to the thyroid area has to do with the fact that they are self-destructive. What we don’t realize is that only activity blocks flow in return. It is necessary for us to be active while being open to flow or alternating the time of beingness with the time of doingness. Disease will force us into beingness if this principle is not lived.

Thyroid conditions are often preceded by a toxic environment from heavy metals. You should be tested for heavy metals and you should take some steps to chelate out the heavy metals. High doses of Vitamin C (ascorbate) up to 1,000 mg, whatever the amount that the body will tolerate is recommended, but not to be taken at bedtime. Also, Pekana products that support the chelation process: Toxex, Apo-Hepat, Itires for at least 2-3 months to get rid of the metals. You can test yourself before and after treatment for heavy metals if desired.

*This disorder is known as Graves disease in the United States and Basedow’s disease in Europe.

See the post about Heavy Metals on this website: Heavy Metals Accumulating in the Body, 2/15/2013.

Heavy Metals Accumulating in the Body

Facts about Heavy Metals in the Body: Almine Answers Questions Regarding Heavy Metal Toxicity

1. Aluminum:
Common sources of aluminum include aluminum cookware, especially coffee pots, some antacid formulations, and some types of cosmetics-especially deodorants. Some colloidal minerals and herbal products may also have aluminum in them. Aluminum cookware is particularly problematic if acidic foods, such as anything with a tomato base, are cooked in them.

2. Cadmium:
Cadmium toxicity symptoms affect kidney function, heart and cardiovascular tissues, bone, and will cause nervousness in the system, hypertension. Zinc and vitamin E will help to lessen toxicity, but without intervention, it could stay in the human body in excess of 20 years. Cadmium can come from plastics, and synthetic rubber, including old drums from some copy machines. Cadmium ‘Red’ is used in dental acrylics (and dentures) and could be a significant source of exposure for those making dentures or dentists making adjustments (grinding dentures in their office). Cadmium free dentures are now available. The question arises as to whether acrylics used in the mouth are preferable to mercury (amalgam fillings); the answer is a resounding yes. Mercury is the most toxic element known to man. It is inconceivable that it should be used in the mouth.

3. Lead:
Lead is primarily ingested through contaminated food or water, or by children eating substances containing lead, such as lead paint. The degree of absorption of oral lead depends upon the stomach contents (empty stomachs increase uptake), and upon the body’s mineral status. Deficiency of zinc, calcium or iron may increase lead uptake. It is also found in fuels and some Ayurvedic herbs.

4. Mercury:
Mercury is an immuno-suppressive. Early signs of excessive mercury include decreased senses of touch, hearing, vision, and taste, metallic taste in the mouth, fatigue, or lack of physical endurance, and increased salivation. Mercury is commonly used in dental amalgams (50% by weight). It should be clearly understood that the removal of amalgam fillings could produce more toxicity in the body than when they were actually put in the mouth. A biological (‘bio’) dentist, familiar with the removal of mercury, while treating the body to excrete the resulting increase in levels of toxicity, shouldbe used. The purification program that we have given should also precede the removal of the amalgam fillings (treatment is recommended prior to, during and after removal of fillings). See the Mercury –Fish Levels Guide here.

Prior to amalgam removal, Almine recommends:

  1. Renal (kidney) function blood test
  2. Use of the 5-month Pekana homeopathic and diet protocol. See this post for more details on this program; also our Spiritual Journeys webstore to purchase, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease.


How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease  paper book version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease  Ebk/digital version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease   2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation only, by Almine

Click here: Pekana Homeopathic Order Form for more information about ordering homeopathic remedies.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Almine

Welcome to Handbook for Healers! It’s our newest website for sharing the cutting-edge and life-changing information of the Seer Almine. You could consider it a BIG Valentine Gift from Almine – one that will continue giving information from her fountain of wisdom with frequent, often daily, posts with the focus on health: for everyone interested in their own health and well-being and that of their family and friends.

View Almine’s videos on these websites:

Spiritual Journeys website

Almine Diary – Global Health Symposium Catching Up (post of January 2, 2013)

Almine reported in her video, how the waters of the Earth have been polluted by radiation and recommended 3 methods to assist with releasing the radiation from the body, including:

1. The 12 Breaths of Proxy – are specific breathing techniques to cleanse radiation from the body. These techniques will be taught for the first time at Almine’s Red Deer retreat in Alberta, Canada.

2. Removing Heavy Metals and Radiation from Food

The following tools are very specifically recommended for seafood, including sea vegetables:

Wheels 1-5

Wheel 6

To remove heavy metals and raise the frequency of food, use the following:

  • Wheels 1-3
  • Wheel 4, The Clock of Spirit from the Hidden Realms
  • Wheel 5, The Lemurian Clock of the Depth of Living
  • Wheel 5 is placed on the bottom. Next, place Wheels 4, then 3, 2, and 1 on top of each other to create a stack. Wheel 1 should be on the top.

To remove radiation from food:

  • Place Wheel 6 on the very bottom of the stack, under Wheel 5.
  • Wheel 6, The Clock of Light, removes radiation and of the 6 wheels, it is the only one that works on a physical level.


3. Spagyric Homeopathic Protocol[1] – was developed by Almine for students that had been exposed to radiation. This protocol was developed during a 5-year period in which she mapped out healing sequences of the body; picked up from food and environmental stressors. Almine recommends the following abbreviated treatment protocol.

Radiation detoxification:

Radinex – available in 100 ml bottles.

Heavy metals detoxification homeopathic products:

Itires, Apo-Hepat, Opsonat – available in 100 ml bottles

Toxex – available in 50 ml bottles

Pekana Homeopathic order form can be downloaded, here.
Pekana product descriptions, prices and ordering details can be downloaded, here.

Special note: If you have received medical radiation treatment, the entire comprehensive 5- month program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease[2] which includes a 2-hour audio lecture by Almine, is recommended.

Conclusion of Almine’s Address

It is definitely preferable to have a bio dentist remove amalgam fillings after 3 months of being on the purification program and to continue for at least 2 months after removal of fillings. Mercury is the most toxic element known to man, and should be replaced by composite fillings. The dentist should be consulted to find composite fillings with the least cadmium content. However, research suggests that it is when fillings containing cadmium are drilled that the dust from the grinding puts the patient most at risk.

[1] Order Spagyric homeopathic products through our office, 877-552-5646 toll-free in US. Products are mailed directly from our distributor within US only.

[2] The 5-month program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease, with a 2-hour audio lecture by Almine is available on

Click here: Pekana Homeopathic Order Form for more information about ordering homeopathic remedies.