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Life and Immortality

LemurianScienceImmortality-eBookCoverXThe Lemurian Science of Immortality, the latest book by Almine, is sure to expand your ideas about life and immortality. Acknowledged as the leading mystic of our time, Almine once again delivers groundbreaking revelations on the art of youthening.

Upon discovering ancients who did not age, explorers of the Americas set out in search for the Fountain of Youth. Not realizing it was a set of tablets rather than an actual fountain, the records of the Fountain of Youth are revealed in this book.

As a master translator of records of antiquities, Almine has authored an unforgettable book that shatters existing paradigms perpetuating death. Available in paper and ebk download on our Spiritual Journeys store here.

Physicality’s gift is the inspired perspective.


Inspiration does not come in the form of an idea, but profound change in the song of your life. ~ Almine

Vision and Hearing

We have lately received many requests for information regarding vision and hearing. Almine recently did something that she hasn’t done for many, many years due to widely fluctuating, blurred and distorted vision; she went to the eye doctor to have a thorough evaluation done. The doctor’s conclusion was that nothing at all was wrong and that she should see him again in 20 years.

Vision is widely fluctuating because we are starting to lose the tyranny of the 4 senses that fell*, which are touch, hearing, sight and taste.  They are starting to lose their hold on a reality that is changing. They are not, for example, equipped to see formless form. We are also experiencing that the eye is seeing black light more easily which is verified in the increase in interdimensional photography – it was a rarity 10 years ago and is now quite common. So, the eye is starting to pick up black light more, and in addition, black light and white light are increasingly merging to the point that the eye can see both. We see black light, for example, when we are in a deeply meditative state and when we come out of it, we are not able to see white light very well.

Hearing is also fluctuating because we are starting to hear eternal sounds, not just the physical frequencies that we are used to, but additional refined frequencies. When I am very much trying to see something that I could not see before, very much trying to push beyond paradigms for my perception, I can hardly hear people speaking to me. In fact, my daughter has grown used to the fact that there are times that her mother’s hearing is just not functioning well.  I have to physically and fully come back here and it can even be while I am living my daily life; a piece of me is somewhere else. This is going to increase, in that, we are also going to now experience inner space more and eventually inner and outer space will merge so that there is a whole new way of perceiving that involves the inner senses cooperating with the external senses.

If you are not hearing well, you need to make the decision to be fully present. If you are not seeing well, you may not wish to rush to the doctor, but know that by tonight you might see very well indeed. The vision tends to be worse in the morning and also many lightworkers are beginning to find that black is no longer black, it is greyish, because they are starting to see the light that it emits. In addition, lightworkers need a lot of light to read with; they don’t do well in semi-darkness. These are some of the reasons for the changes we are experiencing – it is a massive transition of the evolution of the senses of man.

We know of one person who has been told he is deaf by a doctor but he can hear, and of one person who was born blind but can see; we are not certain of allopathic medical intervention with the case of the vision, but we know that without intervention, the ability to hear has been diagnosed as medically impossible.

Q. I have a complete loss of hearing in my right ear and a full loss of vision in my right eye. This came on gradually but I am fearful that I will lose hearing and sight on the left side also.

A. Loss of hearing and vision on the right side is a very, very strong indication that we are requiring the use of our inner senses. When you live the inner senses, you will be able to hear whether or not you even have an eardrum.

*The senses ‘fell’, experiencing a lowering of frequency, during Earth’s descension cycles. The only sense that did not fall was the sense of smell. See Egyptian Fragrance Alchemy website here for information about pure oils distilled in an ancient process, in order to produce the highest quality scents.

The Language of Pain

Our bodies do their best to speak to us about what areas need our attention, whether it is a tap on the shoulder such as the ‘flu’ or a ‘2×4 over the head’ such as a serious accident or the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. Whether we like it or not, these types of situations force us to stop and take ‘time out’ from daily activities. Our body is our best friend, not our enemy, and tries to remind us to live in a balanced way, encouraging us to stop and ‘smell the roses’, to nurture and even pamper ourselves. See “The Language of Pain” for more details about how our bodies communicate with us in Handbook for Healers by Almine, a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in taking care of themselves, family and friends.

Being Home for Our Self

It has been found through years of medical research and studies that cancer often appears within one year following a shock, accident, loss or illness. See The Toltec Dream Dictionary, for more insights into the symbology of our dreams and environment – it’s a free gift on our Spiritual Journeys webstore.

Cancer results when we are not ‘home for ourselves’ – in other words when we abandon our self – to work, to others, to addictions, etc.

The sigil for Presence is one we can use to express our sacred inner space, reminding us of being home for our self and also for support of those diagnosed with cancer. It can be posted on a wall in our work or home, placed under our mattress or under a chair. This sigil is part of the angelic healing modality, Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart and can be found in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume I and II, click here for more details about all Belvaspata books. We invite you to click here to visit our Belvaspata website.

Gateway Between Inner and Outer Realities

Q.  Could you elaborate on auto-immune disorders in relation to the thymus and the condition known as Myasthenia Gravis?  This condition results in weakened muscles due to faulty transmission of nerve impulses across nerve and muscle junctions. It’s a rare condition mainly affecting women.  The thymus can sometimes develop a growth and is sometimes removed, so the blood and lymph are affected and the body loses it’s natural defense. Drug treatment with steroids helps but of course has nasty side effects. Your thoughts on the deeper underlying causes would be very much appreciated. I’m asking on behalf of someone dear, who I’m working with, along side conventional treatment.

A. The thymus is the gateway between inner and outer realities. Auto-immune disorders have to do with the inner war between the passive and the active. The inner reality that is so seldom brought to it’s full capacity is the place where the subtle nuances through the inner senses of Infinite intent are received. The outer reality then interprets them into action. Auto-immune diseases come from either despising our humanness or our physicality (some religious backgrounds teach of the unworthiness of the flesh and Eastern religions seek to escape it through expansion). It should instead be considered a unique perspective of the Infinite examining Itself – the perspective of inspiration of Self-inspiration. It is therefore necessary that time is taken for stillness. Examine deprecating feelings towards the body and feelings of unworthiness, and  take the time to see the value of the body, sending appreciation and praise into various areas of the body (the genitals as well as the physical shape of the body are areas where self hatred is present). Learning to take time to listen to the inner senses is vital and getting rid of self-destructive feelings because of hopelessness is another worthwhile endeavor for anyone who has an auto-immune disorder.  If steroids have been taken, it is very important that the 5-month purification and detoxification program should be done every time they are taken as the ‘nasty side effects’ of the steroids will be present and only worsen over the years.

See: Map to the Inner and Outer Life and Keys to the Map of the Inner Space


Self Sustenance

A few questions and answers from our readers.


Q. How do we become self-sustaining – give up food, etc. – if this is our next step?

A. There is an 8th band of compassion, an additional direction/ frequency. The nutrition of this band is self-generating. As you learn authentic self-expression, you will always generate what sustains you. As you emphasize a particular aspect, you will generate what is required.



Q. What is the purpose of the new Arasatma Breathing techniques?

A. The pranic tube is a tool. When it is unbound, we realize that our dream and awake time are the same, beyond them are eternal regeneration and rejuvenation. It can be done as a sacred daily ceremony and assists to purify and detoxify the body of toxins, including heavy metals and radiation.

The Arasatma breathing techniques are presented in the online course, (click here) Gateway to the Magical Life. See more about the Secrets of Rejuvenation in the online course and book by Almine.

Teeth and Gums

We seem to have a lot of interest in teeth and gum health. Here is a recent question that came up.

Q. I have extremely sensitive gums and I seem to be getting gum disease because when I floss, my gums just throb and bleed. What do you recommend?

A. We recommend the use of  a  dental  hygiene irrigation device (several brands are available such as Water-Pik, water flosser). Use of such a device in a specific area for 3 seconds has been proven in laboratory testing to remove 99.9 % of the plaque from the area treated. It is 50% more effective than the string floss that is giving you difficulties and it reverses gingivitis and improves gum health. The water is directed directly above the gum line and is able to clean the pockets that are formed between the gum, and sometimes the bone, and the tooth itself – something that the usual string floss cannot accomplish. These irrigation devices usually have an attachment head that is good for cleaning of teeth for your children, when they are wearing braces. Braces can cause permanent damage to the teeth, and multiple cavities, if you can not properly clean under them.

The bleeding of the gums can take place at the beginning of inflammation of the gums. Teeth that are not regularly brushed will result in bleeding gums but its recommended to brush anyway – the bleeding is due to lack of brushing and the inflammation forms as a result. To start, use the lowest setting on the water irrigation device. Many of these devices come in a portable model that can be used in the shower or when traveling.

Dental Materials and Toxicity

Materials and Toxicity
(Refer to “Recommended General Safety Measures” on this site to limit exposure during procedures, posted 2/16/13.)

• Composites and Other Materials
The least toxic dental materials are ceramic and gold. Composite fillings are made of tiny glass particles suspended in a resin (plastic) matrix. Most composite fillings are made of the petro-chemical bis-phenol which some research indicates leaches estrogen-like substances and disrupts hormones. Most ceramic and resin-based materials contain metals in the form of oxides (such as aluminum) or even heavy metals (such as cobalt, barium or cadmium). Dentures contain cadmium to make the gums have a nice pink color and for color stabilization.

Ceramic and porcelain materials as used for teeth are basically the same; with newest porcelain products being the most durable. Dental products may be of questionable safety but are chosen for their durability and aesthetic value with often little thought for their associated health risks in your mouth 24/7. Of special concern are dental adhesives or cements used for gluing crowns in place.

Porcelain crowns can wear down natural teeth as they may actually be harder and composite fillings may erode over time. You may also want to consider the option of replacing porcelain or ceramic fused over metal crowns (gold is the safest metal but others are mixtures of metals) with all porcelain crowns.

For extensive dental restoration including total removal of amalgam fillings with composite replacements, full mouth restoration with porcelain crowns, etc – the best advice is to seek out a dentist that is a qualified neuromuscular/orthodontic and cosmetic dentist to ensure the best look and function.

Bonding and cement agents used for crowns and composite filling material are of concern but choices may be limited. Check with your dentist or on the Internet for safe, qualified dentists and possible testing for sensitivity to dental materials.

Note: See Heavy Metal and Radiation detoxification information of our very first post of 2/14/13 here which includes a process to follow prior to having amalgam fillings removed.

Mystery of Menopause

Q. Is there any piece of wisdom that you could give one to help cope with menopause?

A. Menopause is definitely a stage where the discomfort is optional. It produces releases from the liver in the form of hot flashes. If one were to go through the 5-month purification program, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease that I have recommended, the liver will be cleansed in a way that there is no further need for these unpleasant experiences. It also helps to balance the emotions. In case there are still mood swings, depression, etc, I recommend adding in Psy-stabil to be used 15 drops, 3-4 times per day. This is also a very helpful spagyric homeopathic remedy (see What are Spagyric Homeopathic remedies? post of 3/3/13) to give teenagers during the very emotional time of the first year’s of menstruation. In the case of severe menopausal symptoms, acupuncture by a proficient practitioner is also very helpful because it assists to balance the endocrine system. In the rare event that we still have any menopausal symptoms after the 5-month purification program and acupuncture , the thyroid function should also be boosted with apo-Strum to strengthen the thyroid with a dosage of ¼ to ½ teaspoon, 2 or 3 times a day.

Click here: Pekana Homeopathic Order Form for more information about ordering homeopathic remedies.

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease paper book version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease  Ebk/digital version + 2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation, by Almine

How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease   2 hour MP3 audio lecture presentation only, by Almine

Note: apo-Strum homeopathic remedy strengthen the thyroid, apo-Stom treats afflictions of the GI tract and regulates stomach function.