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Bloated and Uncomfortable

After meals, many times I experience bloating. This is uncomfortable and I’d like to avoid it. What can you suggest?

Abdominal bloating can be caused by many conditions; one common reason is excessive gas in the intestines. Improper food combining which results in delayed or poor digestion can also cause bloating; for example, combining carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal or eating fruit and drinking milk with other foods.

Excessive amount of refined foods and poor food combining can make the bowel very thick and enlarged due to a lack of bowel movements. Enemas may help but colonics are more effective as they irrigate the bowel more extensively.

Kefir, a fermented milk drink, may assist in establishing a healthy G.I. tract. While it can cause bloating or perhaps diarrhea if you drink too much, too quickly – with continued use these symptoms will disappear.

Regular cleaning of the bowel is important. Drinking plenty of fluids is the core requirement for healthy bowels. Most people think one bowel movement a day is the norm but actually two or three times a day, to match the number of big meals you consume, is more the norm.

Regular use of herbal teas is helpful, but use caution as some may cause cramping. Organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) can also help with bowel movements. Place 1–2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of pure water and drink 2–3 glasses a day. You may add a couple of drops of stevia, a natural sweetener, to the solution. Over time, these methods will help to reduce the enlargement of the colon and bowel. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is a particular reason for bloating of the abdomen, especially in the area around the navel.

Excerpt from Handbook for Healers by Almine.


Sunburn, Insect Bites and Stings Treatment – Enjoy you Summer!

Q.  I know preventing sunburn is preferable, but I am wondering if you can recommend treatment for sunburn with natural ingredients?

A. We can recommend the following for sunburn and also have a few suggestions for treatment of insect bites and stings.

Aloe Vera gel is cooling and soothing for sunburn and helps healing. Tannic acid powder dissolved in cool bath water soothes sunburn.

Insect repellants
Orange peel may be rubbed across exposed skin to serve as an insect repellant; lavender and cedar oil are also effective in repelling insects.

Insect bites and sunburn
Aloe Vera is beneficial in treating bites and burns. You can use the gel of an Aloe Vera plant from your home or purchase a gel product (100% organic gel is recommended) from a health food store or pharmacy. Chilled witch hazel, white or apple cider (organic with the mother in it is recommended) may be used to decrease the itching of bites.

Insect bites and stings
Activated charcoal is an effective treatment for spider or other bites and stings. First, remove any stingers. Use clean water to make a paste of the charcoal and apply it to the affected area. A piece of plastic wrap covered with a bandage will keep the charcoal paste in place. (This is also an excellent remedy for boils or pimples.) A paste of baking soda and cool water is an excellent antidote for stings.

Note: If an insect bite or sting creates an allergic reaction resulting in abnormal swelling, welts, difficulty in breathing or signs of shock, obtain emergency medical assistance.
Excerpt from Handbook for Healers


The Language of Pain

Q. Does pain serve a purpose?

A. Pain is one of the protective mechanisms of the body and can alert us to recognizing areas in our life that are out of balance when symptoms manifest. It can alert us to an area of our body that we need to pay attention to; its messages can be physical or symbolic in nature. If we are playing tennis for example, and our wrist begins to hurt, we may then know it is time to stop playing before we incur an injury. The joints indicate how flexible we are both physically and in other ways.

The following list of body parts and symptoms will assist us in recognizing the areas of our lives that are out of balance when symptoms manifest.

General Areas and Systems of the Body

Breath indicates our ability to express ourselves in life. If we don’t express ourselves, it is as though someone has placed a boulder on our chest and we cannot fully breathe. Frequently, people place the boulder on themselves.

The breath is expressing our life-force, so asthma patients have life force problems. Often they were stifled from expressing as children. Babies and toddlers know the big picture of who they are, so they may experience tremendous frustration over being trapped in a physical body, unable to express the glory of their true identity. It is helpful to assist children to find safe avenues to explore their gifts and talents. When the life force becomes suppressed, the exhaling process becomes difficult, as is the case with asthma.

The fluids of our body have to do with emotions. Blood, in particular, is the equivalent of love. The ability to love is very important. If we deliberately withhold love we find constriction in our arteries.

Hardened arteries mean hardened emotions and condition of love.

The heart has to do with giving love. Drawing love from the limitless supply of the universe, it should flow out through our heart. If we close our heart because of fear or from not being fully present in our body, then we begin to give energy from our life-force center. This depletes us.

In order to insulate ourselves from this drain of energy, a layer of fat could build up around the solar plexus (stomach area). Lightworkers frequently have this layer of fat as an attempt to protect their energy source. People who suffered childhood abuse may use fat to insulate themselves from other people. It is important to live fully in the body. Many people have suffered childhood sexual abuse and learned to leave the body when things got unpleasant. If we don’t stay in the body and feel, then the heart center remains closed and we cannot fulfill our highest calling on this planet.

Soft tissues and ligaments reflect attitudes. Is our attitude positive? Do we frequently complain? The joints have to do with how flexible we are. The soft tissues control the joints, so they are affected too. For example, in the past, prior to a seminar I would receive the topic but no specific information on the forthcoming lecture. As a result, my knee joints hurt because I wasn’t flexible enough to trust that I would receive the information at the appropriate time.

The skin reflects how we interface with the world. When the skin is irritated, it is because we perceive the world as abrasive or hostile. If a boil develops, that means a specific area of our life is like a sore.

Bones indicate what we inherited from our parents and ancestors, or what we received from genetic memory and early social conditioning.

If an ailment occurs on the front of the body, that means we are aware of the issue but we haven’t dealt with it yet. If the ailment is on the back of the body, we are trying to put it behind us, or we aren’t aware of it yet. If it is on the left side of the body, it has to do with our feminine aspects, or with female relationships in our life. Problems on the right side of the body reflect the masculine part of ourselves, or our masculine relationships.

A virus is the result of being invaded – our boundaries have broken down. The first and foremost sacred space for us is our body and we honor ourselves by establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining it. Viruses, bacteria and fungus invade when our sub-personalities aren’t healthy, happy, whole and functioning. Fungus tends to come when we have abandoned ourselves, bacteria invades when deliberate hostile influences are entering our boundaries and viruses are the result of others being allowed to use and abuse us.

Excerpt from Handbook for Healers.

Emotions and the Experience of Pain

The research of many behavioral scientists indicates man seems to have a ‘pain body’ – a layer of magnetic frequencies that carry memories of pain. This resembles the memory of someone’s voice on the magnetic strip of an audiotape that can replay repeatedly.

When experiencing a painful situation, don’t analyze it while you are feeling the initial emotion. That clouds judgment. Just experience the emotion. Afterwards, when you are calm and can access the feeling without it being colored by emotion, use your left brain and intuition to see behind the appearances so you can embrace the lesson. (If we are tangled up in emotions, we may miss the core lesson and then we have to create a similar circumstance later.)

To change our emotions, we need to alter our perception. It works in reverse too, because altering emotion causes altered perception. The two work hand-in-hand…

Dis-ease does not have to develop all the way to dramatic symptoms. If you dream you stubbed your toe and you heed it, you do not actually need to ‘stub your toe’.

~ Almine

Excerpt from Handbook for Healers.

Immune System Support

What does our immune system really do for us?  The excerpt below is taken from the book Handbook for Healers, The Healing Wisdom of the Seer Almine, available on our Spiritual Journeys webstore sheds some light on this amazing system.

The purpose of the immune system is to protect the body from disease using multiple defense mechanisms. Immunodeficiency is the result of a weakened immune system and causes may be genetic, acquired (HIV/ AIDS) or induced deficiency (immune suppressing medication). When the body cannot defend itself, it can lead to life-threatening disease.

An important aspect of the immune system is recognizing what is self and what is not. When this process breaks down, the immune system can attack the cells of the body, leading to diseases collectively know as autoimmune diseases; rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis fall into this group.

Foods such as garlic, onion and ginger can assist in boosting the immune system as they have antimicrobial properties and contain vitamin C and selenium.

Daily exercise rids the body of toxins, increases blood circulation and lowers stress levels. Consider yoga[1] as part of your exercise and stress management tools. Yoga has the added benefit of deep breathing that allows organs to function more efficiently and boosts immunity.

Eliminate (or limit) processed and ‘fast food’ diets, which are laden with sugar, fat and salt; avoid refined food snacks. Healthy snacks include vegetables high in beta-carotene and vitamin C, cruciferous vegetables and fruits high in anti-oxidants.

Itires, a Pekana homeopathic product, supports lymphatic fluid flow and immune system functioning. See the Pekana remedies order form on this site for details of placing an order, products can be shipped within the US by contacting our office at 877-552-5646.


[1] Learn more about the 4 bodies of yoga received by Almine on Yoga of Illumination website.


Digestion and Nutrition

Q. I seem to be having more stomach upsets than usual; even foods that I was able to eat before are now bothering me. Do you have any ideas of what might be the problem?

A. Ask yourself if you are having more stress for any reason, even stopping to ‘take inventory’ may have positive benefits. Stress affects our entire body as is well known – including our digestion and sleep patterns and our emotional wellbeing. Eating habits affect our digestion: eating after 6 or 7 pm does not allow enough time to digest your meal prior to sleep; especially avoid spicy and rich foods eaten late at night. The combination of lying down flat and our reduced metabolic rate during sleep wreaks havoc with undigested food in our stomachs and can even contribute to the development of acid reflux. Avoid drinking large amounts of beverages with meals (especially iced beverages). The volume of liquids dilutes stomach acid and the cold temperature slows down the chemical reactions of digestion. Suggestions: Drink warm peppermint tea for indigestion, upset stomach and stomachaches. Ginger tea is good for nausea.

The Body Ecology Diet book (by Donna Gates and Linda Schatz) is recommended in Almine’s book and 2-hour audio lecture, How to Facilitate the Healing of Chronic and Systemic Disease. The ‘BED’ book teaches the principles of food combination to restore the bodily terrain, making it inhospitable to viral and bacterial infections, parasites and viruses. The book is an excellent resource for everyone who wishes to improve their diet and digestion, and especially for those that suffer from chronic or regularly occurring gastric upset.  It may seem ‘normal’ for everyone to have colds, but it is not. Many people only experience rapidly passing, mild colds or no colds at all. Undigested food becomes tomorrow’s food allergies and health conditions.

Simple guidelines that to follow for improved digestion include:

Replace dairy with unsweetened almond milk and sweeten with stevia if desired.

If you use dairy products, eat them away from other foods as they slow down
the digestion when combined with other foods.

Avoid eating fruit with any other food. Like milk, eat fruit alone.

Avoid combining protein and carbohydrates together in the same meal.
As each food group requires a different process and time for digestion,
eating them at the same time means that neither group is digested properly.

Small children are unable to digest heavy oils and even olive oil is
too heavy. Use coconut butter, not oil or ghee (clarified butter) for cooking.
Use cold-pressed flaxseed oil for salad dressings.

An excerpt from Handbook for Healers, “Encyclopedia of A-Z”section.

Food and Eating

Business lunches are never good places to have a meeting. Even planning a meeting is stressful enough that it will prevent good digestion.  Eating should be treated as a sacred communion when food combines with the holy temple of your body. Allow for silences as you truly taste your food. Take time to chew it and do not drink more than 8 ounces of fluids with a meal; avoid iced and cold beverages, which slow chemical reactions of digestion.  Combine food as well as you possibly can: eat protein and vegetables or carbohydrates and vegetables at the same meal – protein and carbohydrates eaten together do not combine well and cause indigestion. In addition, remember to eat dairy foods and fruits alone, do not combine them with other foods.

Concepts for Contemplation

Food is used to create a feeling of receptiveness because of our orientation towards ‘output’ and ‘doingness’.  Reaching the deeper, receptive silence can heal this addiction; food then is just a preference, not a need.

The Language of Pain

Our bodies do their best to speak to us about what areas need our attention, whether it is a tap on the shoulder such as the ‘flu’ or a ‘2×4 over the head’ such as a serious accident or the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. Whether we like it or not, these types of situations force us to stop and take ‘time out’ from daily activities. Our body is our best friend, not our enemy, and tries to remind us to live in a balanced way, encouraging us to stop and ‘smell the roses’, to nurture and even pamper ourselves. See “The Language of Pain” for more details about how our bodies communicate with us in Handbook for Healers by Almine, a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in taking care of themselves, family and friends.

Being Home for Our Self

It has been found through years of medical research and studies that cancer often appears within one year following a shock, accident, loss or illness. See The Toltec Dream Dictionary, for more insights into the symbology of our dreams and environment – it’s a free gift on our Spiritual Journeys webstore.

Cancer results when we are not ‘home for ourselves’ – in other words when we abandon our self – to work, to others, to addictions, etc.

The sigil for Presence is one we can use to express our sacred inner space, reminding us of being home for our self and also for support of those diagnosed with cancer. It can be posted on a wall in our work or home, placed under our mattress or under a chair. This sigil is part of the angelic healing modality, Belvaspata, Healing of the Heart and can be found in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume I and II, click here for more details about all Belvaspata books. We invite you to click here to visit our Belvaspata website.

The Experience of Pain and Sensitivity

Is there a reason that lightworkers are so sensitive to everything?

Q. Why are lightworkers so sensitive to everything, instead of not being immune to everything? Why can’t we eat anything we want? Why is it set this way if we are fluid?

A. We really do not properly understand disease and discomfort. It is not just something to fight against, but something to cooperate with. Pain* is felt differently as one moves into higher stages of evolution – something my 13-year old often questions me about. When she bumps her head, it doesn’t hurt, it is just felt as pressure. If we assume that pain must be felt the old way, it still will be. It is there to prompt us to what areas of life we need to express and what insights we need to see.There is however the knowledge needed that once we have seen it, it’s no longer necessary for the symptoms to persist. We do not need to feel them in the acutely uncomfortable way that we used to.

So the bottom line is, disease and pain, as far as I know, do not go away as long as we retain some form of physicality. Without physicality, many of the pleasures of life are not there, and the ability of certain perceptual functions ceases to exist as well. It simply becomes like a changing chord in the music that prompts the dancer to move in a different way.

*See the “Language of Pain” in Handbook for Healers on our SJ webstore.