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Hair and Skin – Keeping it Soft and Strong

Argan Oil
The seeds of the tree contain rhodium and iridium, which have anti-aging
and rejuvenation qualities These minerals reset the skin to its
youthful properties. It is also very beneficial for conditioning the hair[1].

We suggest reading labels on every product, remembering that what we put on our skin and hair is absorbed directly into our bodies. Use a small amount, this oil is very concentrated. Argan oil can be applied to clean, damp hair (after shampooing is ideal). Apply to the ends of the hair and work up to the scalp area.

Look for the highest quality argan oil:

  • Organic
  • 100% pure oil (no added ingredients)
  • cold-pressed (heat destroys vitamins, minerals, etc)
  • delicate odor – pure oil should have a light, nutty smell
  • dark glass bottle – protects oil from light and oxidization


[1] Excerpt from, Secrets of Rejuvenation by Almine.