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Healthy and Fun Food Tips

Nutritional Health for Everyone

It is a cosmic law that you strengthen what you oppose – an impor­tant principle to remember when raising a child. Good nutritional habits are built not from what you tell them not to eat, but from what they grow to love from your cooking.

The same principle applies to other areas of your child’s life. Op­posing drug use does not take away the root cause. Whether it is ad­diction to food or drugs, any addiction comes from abandoning the self. When you encourage your child to listen to their dreams, their body signals, and their hearts, they learn to live a life of authenticity. In touch with themselves, they have no need to reach out for some­thing to fill a gap.

Many books are available on nutrition, but if your child has ever had a bout of antibiotics, the essential one is The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates.

(Excerpt from Almine’s book How to Raise an Exceptional Child.)

Nutritional Pointers

  • Spend time with your children in selecting healthy food choices, whether dining in a restaurant or during grocery shopping. Shared activities build relationships with our children as well as setting a trend of healthy eating. Many children enjoy cooking and baking, thus gaining a hobby and a life-long skill.
  • Diet is crucial in treating teenager’s acne and in establishing skills in choosing healthy foods. Avoid dairy, grease and fast foods. Getting children to drink enough water each day to pro­mote proper elimination may not be easy. Naturally flavored waters such as mint water or lemon are appealing and preferable to sugary so-called juice drinks or sport drinks. Add stevia as a sweetener if desired to your flavored waters. Try chilled herbal tea sweetened with stevia drops (those that don’t contain alcohol). Lymph flow is the key factor in clearing acne as well as the liver.
  • Finding a healthy sweetener is a core challenge of a good diet for teen-agers, kids and adults. We suggest liquid stevia, pure maple syrup or honey as sweeteners.
  • Cow’s milk, wheat and corn are the biggest offenders as far as food allergies are concerned. Eliminate them if the immune system seems stressed.
  • Condiments such as ketchup contain high amounts of sugar plus mold, which is an allergen for many people. Chocolate and beverages popular with teens and adults (including coffee, teas, cola and non-cola sodas), may contain caffeine that can contribute to hyperactivity, headaches and stomach upsets.

Fun Food Tips for Everyone

Q. My grandson was a preemie and had a feeding tube when he was an infant. He was also given a lot of liquids such as juice because he couldn’t eat solid food. I am trying to educate his mom plus help him gain weight and eat healthier food. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Try green shakes, also known as green smoothies:  Kids and adults enjoy blending vegetables such as kale, baby spinach, romaine, cucumbers, avocado, celery, carrots, etc. Water, almond, coconut milk, kefir, organic milk or plain yogurt may be used as a base for your shake with some fruits added for a bit of healthy sweetness including apple, pineapple, banana and berries (high in anti-oxidants). Making these drinks teaches some cooking skills and kids may enjoy ‘driving’ the blender with your help!