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Fragrance Alchemy for Easing Menopause

Menopause and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. I have been reading about the alchemical properties of the God and Goddess blend Fragrance Alchemy oils . I’ve been pre-menopausal for many years now and expect that menopause is around the corner. I don’t have any symptoms and do not expect to have any symptoms either. The only thing that I do experience is when my hormones are shifting and changing, I feel tired. Do you believe that the two oils will assist me through menopause?

A. The oils will most certainly assist with the balancing of hormones, and should be used as follows: Place the Blend of the Gods anywhere above bust line at night, before bed time. Place the Goddess Blend anywhere below the breasts in the mornings. The suggested points are the crown for the Blend of the Gods and the sacrum for the Goddess Blend but they can also be alternately placed on other spots, for example, the uterus or ovary area for the Goddess Blend or the thyroid for the Blend of the Gods.


Practical Tips for Use of Fragrance Alchemy Oils

Q. Why am I itching behind my ears and at the base of my spine where I have been applying the Fragrance Alchemy oils per Almine’s direction – am I becoming allergic to them? This started happening this week, up until then I have been applying the Goddess Blend (specific application site is the base of the spine) and the Oud oil (the major ingredient in Blend of the Gods)  whose specific application site isthe top of the head, or crown.

A. Although it has been found that most people that are allergic to fragrances find it completely comfortable to wear the Fragrance Alchemy pure oils, it is still recommended to alternate sites because applying too much oil in one area on a daily basis is more likely to become irritating to the skin. As mentioned previously, the soles of the feet are highly receptive to the beneficial alchemy of these oils, and furthermore, is an area where they can be well tolerated. Please rotate the oils on various spots: using the Goddess Blend oil below the breasts and the Oud  oil (God Blend) above the breasts and on the arms and hands.

Note: The additional locations are possible alternatives to the specific application points and are equally effective.

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