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Feelings versus Emotions

Q. Can you explain the difference between feelings and emotions?

A. Feeling is a way to access information that isn’t accessible to reason. It bypasses the mind. Therefore, feeling is a non-cognitive way of getting information, which registers as an intuitive knowing.

Feeling is the right brain accessing the unknown. It deals with things beyond the five senses and logic. Emotion has as its foundation, desire.

Excerpt from Handbook for Healers.

Healing Emotions with Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. What is the meaning of the time frames associated with the negative, neutral and positive aspect of each meridian?

Since the directions don’t state right or left foot wrist, for example, does it matter which we side we treat?

Also, do we massage the oil into the meridian for the full time of the treatment of a partiuclar meridian or just a few seconds?

A. Thank you for your very relevant questions. Here is Almine’s explanation:
“The meridians are receptive during the suggested time frames, but the healing of the meridians can really be done at any time.

The negative aspect of guilt would be an introverted response to it. An example of this would be self-reproach, self-loathing and agonizing over past deeds. The positive aspect of guilt would try and suppress it by overcompensating through extravagant gestures, or by trying to blame others. As you can see, the positive aspect is a more extroverted response to a negative emotion. The neutral area of guilt can exist of dealing with it in any way at all. It could be so suppressed, that the only sign of its presence may be the dialogue of the mind that keeps it below the surface. One could describe the neutral aspect of a negative emotion as being in denial or unconscious. It does not matter which side of the body you treat, however, I would personally tend to favor the right if the emotion is acted out positively, and the left when it turns inward upon itself. For the neutral aspect, I would choose either side.

The massaging can be done just for a few seconds because the primary element is the fragrance on the meridian point, and not the massaging. In fact, in ancient Egyptian texts it is suggested that there not be more than a few seconds of massaging in the anointing of a body.”

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Benefits of Plants and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. I am a healer, working with the problems of many different people. How can I maintain the purity of my own fields and body?

A. The plant wheels and symbols found in the ancient libraries and records are usually synonymous with purification and their quality of being a filter for pure intent.

Wheels Goddess Archetypes 1 - 4

Click here to download the 16 Goddess Archetype Wheels

The essential pure oils, calibrated according to ancient alchemical formulas, benefit an individual in the same way. They act as a filter for discordant frequencies entering the fields of someone wearing them. They also purify the old emotional patterns of fear, pain, guilt, anger and hopelessness held in the body and fields of the person.


The Nature of Pain

We share an excerpt below from Almine’s upcoming book on the Lemurian Angels, regarding the nature of pain.

The negative emotions, when suppressed go inwards into inner space, rather than going away.  The answer is to remove their distortion by evolving them to a higher purpose. Pain is the desire to change but when pain is seen as a guidance system, rather than an unwelcome tyrant, its nature changes to pressure. It becomes a pressured directive to change directions. The more the pressure, the more the momentum of the change.  Our resistance is an invitation for it to increase.

Learn about The Language of Pain on our post of April 1 on this website and in these books by Almine (click on the links) A Life of Miracles (the inside story about Almine’s life of mastery and mystery) and Handbook for Healers (Almine’s most recent book for all interested in health and rejuvenation).

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