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The Healing Power of Therapeutic Oils

Scientists have proven that of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful in helping us recall events from the past. This recall occurs almost instantaneously, as does the healing effect of oils designed for therapeutic purposes. The other senses (sight, hearing, touch and taste) became predominantly outer senses, as inner vision etc., dwindled.

The mystical properties of the olfactory sense are related to the way that it works on a subtle level with internal and external space, even though the inner stimulation cannot be interpreted cognitively, since mind as an interpretation device developed after the fall. The fall of consciousness began when inner and outer space divided, as the individual saw himself as separate from his environment – the beginning of death and disease and the inability to discern subtle information. The correct alchemical fragrances facilitate the healing of this division.


Both masculine and feminine fragrances are available at Fragrance Alchemy; also featured are sets of oils complete with instructions for their specific healing modalities and clearing of meridians including:

Clearing the 12 Main Meridians

Divinity Quest for DNA Activation

Healing Sexual Abuse through the 20 Meridians of the Body

Sample Set – Feminine

Sample Set – Masculine

Sample Set – Full



Positive, Negative and Neutral Aspects of Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy

We post a question from a student in Denmark about the use of Egyptian Fragrance Alchemy oils and the meridians. Thank you Malene for your question!

Q. Would you recommend use of only 1 fragrance per day – such as 12 days consecutive use of the negative, the positive and the neutral aspect of each meridian? (Note: each meridian has it’s own corresponding oil and a negative, positive and neutral point for application of the oil. Each of the points corresponds to an emotion that is either negative, neutral or positive in its expression or lack of expression.) See this post, “Healing Emotions with Meridians” for details on the qualities of the aspects.

A. You can absolutely focus on 1 fragrance and do 12 days for the neutral, 12 days for the negative, and 12 days for the positive merdiain points if you choose.The beauty of using these highly effective, yet gentle and wonderful smelling oils is you can’t go wrong with the combination or the length when you treat yourself. You will know when there’s a difference. Many report that things seems to move in layers as they use the oils one day after the other.

Benefits of Plants and Fragrance Alchemy

Q. I am a healer, working with the problems of many different people. How can I maintain the purity of my own fields and body?

A. The plant wheels and symbols found in the ancient libraries and records are usually synonymous with purification and their quality of being a filter for pure intent.

Wheels Goddess Archetypes 1 - 4

Click here to download the 16 Goddess Archetype Wheels

The essential pure oils, calibrated according to ancient alchemical formulas, benefit an individual in the same way. They act as a filter for discordant frequencies entering the fields of someone wearing them. They also purify the old emotional patterns of fear, pain, guilt, anger and hopelessness held in the body and fields of the person.