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Six Ways to Eliminate Ego

Practical tools for eliminating ego:

1. Claiming our ‘undesirable’ parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their ‘song’.

2. Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control.

3. Living a surrendered life that knows that the folly of others should be observed (but not engaged) as the mirrors of areas within ourselves where we need to express the song of self.

4. Relinquishing all need to define ourselves and to be understood.

5. Ruthlessly eliminating the focus on what is not the way we want it to be – this only increases the illusion of lack.

6. Contemplating deeply the meaning of the great truth: “Nothing can ever be truly obsolete.”

How to Create Heaven on Earth Through Grateful Emphases with “Predictions by Almine”, shared weekly on our Spiritual Journeys website and Almine Diary.

Prediction for the week of June 30 – July 06, 2013
Change is in the air – embrace it with hopefulness and follow the song of your heart. Acknowledge your blessings gratefully, that they may increase through emphases. Fly above the petty grievances of others so that you may create heaven on Earth.