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Releasing Birth Trauma with Rose Oil

We recently received the following question – we think you’ll find Almine’s answer interesting and helpful.

Q. Aches and pains in my body as well as my moods, seem to be affected by moon cycles. How can this be assisted and is this even possible?

A. The moon cycles affect the flow of fluids in the body. The Arasatma Breathing techniques as given in the online course,  “Gateway to the Mystical Life” help to release blockages in the meridians, which assists with the flow of fluids in the body.  The moon cycles push to create tides within the body, just as they do in the ocean and when this is prohibited due to blockages, pressure will build up and affect you emotionally or physically. Lymph flow can certainly be assisted by the use of the very excellent product, Itires (20 drops, 3 times a day, away from meals, available at 1-800-552-5646 toll-free in the U.S.). The problem primarily arises within the spine, as well as the fluids inside the skull. This has been caused due to blockages in the extraordinary meridians – 8 meridians that have affected the fullness of expression by controlling DNA. When the blockages within them are released, the meridians work harmoniously to produce fluidity of attitudes and flow of fluids in the skull and spine.

Memories that life is hard, of victimhood, revenge and blame, will also affect the pulsation of the fluids within the skull and spinal cord. These memories need to be released. The alchemically formulated rose oil  can be used on the meridian points of the skull to assist with the release of birth trauma and other traumas.  Visit our FragranceAlchemy site for purchase of Rose oil and other pure oils. The Rose oil can be used on the meridian points without sigils, (sigils are mentioned in the directions on the image below). The sigils will be given in an upcoming volume of “Belvaspata Angel Healing” that will include the specialty Krihanash Belvaspata, Mastering the Art of Healing – use of these sigils will potentiate the effects of the Rose oil on the meridian points.