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Easing Stages of Transition

Q. I was wondering if there is a scent that can be used for someone who is leaving their physical body for the soul or spirit world; something that would help with their leaving the physical body? Also, would this be a fragrance that I could use to travel between these different worlds? Is there a scent to use to bypass the soul and spirit realms and enter directly into our greater awareness?

fa_gardenofedenXA. The alchemical Egyptian oil blend, The Garden of Eden, has been created by Almine with a specific alchemical frequency that can effectively restore the innocence of timelessness to the body and its fields. This is the fragrance that Almine recommends for release of karma during the transition of leaving the physical body. It is also the fragrance that can be used to restore the remembrance of Oneness beyond the linear stages of change in our daily lives.


Beyond the Veil

Beyond life is…

Q. Is it possible to connect with our loved ones if they have passed away?
A. If we know that it’s possible, we can access our loved ones in our dreams (dream time). The place we go after life, in death, is the same place that we go when we dream. You can intend to communicate with loved ones.