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Easing Digestive Discomfort

Q. How does one treat mild cases of diarrhea and other chronic forms of colitis such as Crohn’s disease?

A. Please be aware that many stomach problems such as ‘leaky gut syndrome’, cramps, burning sensations and stomach pressure often are accompanied by conditions of the sinuses, such as rhinitis and sinusitis. These always involve gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Apo-enterit drops[1]: treats mild cases of diarrhea, helps with Crohn’s disease and a wide variety of symptoms that accompany diarrhea such as abdominal cramps, portal vein inflammation and inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract. This also works with food poisoning[2]. Crohn’s disease should also be treated with Aloe Vera gel, (organic, food grade). Recommended dosage is 4 ounces, between meals (on an empty stomach).

Apo-oedem: use for abdominal bloating as well as other forms of edema such as swelling of ankles due to water retention.

Apo-stom: helps regulate stomach function and is especially advised when there isn’t proper acid regulation and stomach secretions. It also eliminates the underlying causes of stomach over-acidity. In the case of sinusitis it should be accompanied by treatment for sinus congestion such as Ricura – a biological, anti-microbial treatment for acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis, as well as inflammation of the para-nasal sinuses.

Helmin: used for the treatment of intestinal parasites. It helps to shift the gastro-intestinal environment that allows illness-causing microbes to become established in the first place. In order to restore the stomach and intestines to health, it is recommended that it is used in conjunction with Mucan, as well as Opsonat. Opsonat is the most important supportive remedy to help combat inflammation and it regulates the mucosa of the digestive tract[3].

[1] Pekana remedies are available through our Spiritual Journeys office at 1-877-552-5646, toll-free in US. These products can be shipped directly to any US location.

[2] Food poisoning may be treated with apple cider vinegar containing the ‘mother’ in it; organic vinegar is preferable. Suggested dosage: add 1 tsp. to 8 ounces of pure water, up to 1 tablespoon per glass or the urine may become too acidic, causing burning with urination; gradually increase dosage as needed.

[3] We have received reports of very good results with the use of Opsonat in cases where the healing of mucous membrane is needed. Slimy stools may occur with the use of Opsonat due to the elimination of catarrh from the GI tract.