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Accessing Abundance

Concepts for contemplation ~

  • Barriers of limitation seem as thick as concrete to us. This is due to our belief systems. When we see behind the appearances, they effortlessly dissolve.
  • To live within the Infinite’s Being is to live in the fullness of an inexhaustible supply. Acknowledging the never ending Source of abundance increases its accessibility.
  • Most who seek abundance focus on their perceived lack and thereby strengthen it. See yourself as part of the abundance of Creation. There are trillions of field flowers, grains of sand, stars. Your body too consists of abundant life. Let your affirmation be: “I am abundance.”

Excerpts from The Abundant Life, Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Mastery by Almine. What will The Abundant Life do for you? This book focuses specifically on abundance in Self, in relationships, in your environment as well as the high art of manifesting abundance. The Abundant Life teaches you how to remove all blockages that reduce flow and to access the natural abundance inherent within your being.

bootstrap_almine_v5While this book’s focus is on the subject of abundance, it hints at the grand vision Almine holds for all of human life, once it steps into surrender and mastery. As such, it is a great introduction to all of Almine’s work.

Body and Soul

Concepts for contemplation ~

The body tries to change through elimination and the soul through assimilation. These body systems will act up and age one, if these processes are not combined with receptive stillness – a grounding energy. Jointly, they create exponential change and profound shifts result from expending only a bit of energy.

Rejuvenation_1024x1024See Secrets of Rejuvenation book and online course.

Food and Eating

Business lunches are never good places to have a meeting. Even planning a meeting is stressful enough that it will prevent good digestion.  Eating should be treated as a sacred communion when food combines with the holy temple of your body. Allow for silences as you truly taste your food. Take time to chew it and do not drink more than 8 ounces of fluids with a meal; avoid iced and cold beverages, which slow chemical reactions of digestion.  Combine food as well as you possibly can: eat protein and vegetables or carbohydrates and vegetables at the same meal – protein and carbohydrates eaten together do not combine well and cause indigestion. In addition, remember to eat dairy foods and fruits alone, do not combine them with other foods.

Concepts for Contemplation

Food is used to create a feeling of receptiveness because of our orientation towards ‘output’ and ‘doingness’.  Reaching the deeper, receptive silence can heal this addiction; food then is just a preference, not a need.